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Description of the project

The Italian Chamber of Commerce, always at the forefront in implementing innovative projects, wants to take this opportunity to offer a preview of a leading project in the WEB-B2B sector to Italian companies. Not only a B2B platform for Italian companies, but also a Support Representative for on-site commercial promotion and a Representative Office in Dubai. A project that has no equal, aimed not only at the territory of the United Arab Emirates, but also extends to operators in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman. An area of the world in continuous growth also thanks to numerous important events including Expo Dubai 2021.

Goal of the project

Facilitate the visibility of companies over an entire geographical area. The pandemic has brought about epochal changes in people's habits and in business development. Certainly, the Online business was already a growing sales trend, but fundamentally based on the B2C (Business to Consumer) relationship. The difficulties in moving and the consequent obligation to use web tools have also accelerated the trend for the B2B sector and is a trend destined to grow also in the Post-Covid period. A B2B platform in English dedicated exclusively to local Operators (Buyers, importers, Distributors ...) in which the companies included in the project will have their own "dedicated area" with presentation and Company profile (description and direct contacts) and showcase of accompanied products from photos and text and videos.

Meet our exceptional staff
Mauro Marzocchi
Segretario Generale
Paolo Nazzari
Vice segretario generale & business development manager
Beatrice Calabrese
Senior trade analyst
Valerie Grisales
Digital Marketing & Communication Manager
Sheren Khalil
Project Manager
Giulia Cogoni
Trade Development Manager
Basid Choudhary
Susanna Schiavon
Business Analyst and Market research
Girlie Albais
Executive Secretary
Andrea Romano
Segreteria organizzativa in Italia IICUAE per progetto Food & Beverage in the Gulf Coutries
Maria Letizia Noventa
Segreteria organizzativa in Italia IICUAE per progetto Food & Beverage in the Gulf Coutries
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