Pamac srl

Pamac srl is a young and dynamic company but with deep antique roots. Everything started with the passion of our ancestors that produced always high quality pizzas. We are continuing with the same wisdom to produce
today utilizing freezing as natural storage.
The pizza recipe didn’t change, we still wait for the dough to naturally raise for 48 hours before cook at extremely high temperatures to have THE REAL ITALIAN PIZZA.
Our production is specifically controlled to pass the HACCP requirements, daily control METALDETECTOR in order to have the best products on the market. Those are some of the reasons that allowed PAMAC to grow deeper in the market and pass the audit of the big Group Gdo .
Our big strength is the pizza dough that can be stuffed frozen and that it’s the high quality that allows to be easy to digest.
We produce different kinds of Pizzas and also our delicious FOCACCIAs that we make with a very soft dough that will melt in your mouth.
Our guarantee is to BRING A NATURAL PRODUCT IN YOUR HANDS and assure you that we and all the staff do this everyday with passion.


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AdressVIA ATERNO 91 - 66020 SAMBUCETO (CH)

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