Antonio Ruggiero

Antonio Ruggiero S.p.A. is a company that from 120 produce and pack potatoes and onions . Today, Ruggiero’s Group, after years of experience and dedication, is an important and solid reality with its factories situated in the main Italian producing areas such as Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo and Lazioand have a boasting branched organization of producers in the most important national, Europen and Extra european areas of growing.
The company has the Global Gap certification option 2, which is an instrument of control of the entire supply chain and ensures high quality products through the direct coordination of agricultural holdings; make also private labels productions with the most important players of the big retail chains.
The group has always been committed to supporting integrated agriculture and nowadays also performs Organic productions, system that respects the natural resources, the health of consumers, operators and the environment in general.
The rich assortment also boasts with IGP productions and references that have important regional certifications such as the Verified Quality and the regional tourism brand of the Veneto region.
Antonio Ruggiero spa directly manages the chain of production, from sowing to harvest, up to the packaging, to provide its customers with a quality product, good and fresh as just been harvested. All the individual parts of the chain are followed by a team of experts and controlled by a sophisticated traceability management system, thanks to which, at any time you can retrace step by step the whole “life” of the product, demonstrating the process production through Certificates of analysis.
“We have always worked close to our producers, guiding and helping them to cultivate our fields in a traditional and sustainable way. Eco-sustainability is one of our priorities, this is why we promote and use natural farming methods with minimal use of pesticides, minimizing water waste and environmental impact. We want to further responsible agriculture because we believe that having respect for the present is the guarantee of a better future for children who will come.”

Mission and Value

“Customer is at the center of our attention and our main goal is to guarantee him tracked and safe products, always following his needs and his tastes. Ours is a culture of determination and attention to detail. Modernity of our packaging, our good products of the land tracked and sure , are the mirror of the attention we direct to our customers. Perfection is always our goal, because we want to achieve, through our work, the higher levels of excellence providing you only the best. Behind every product there is a story that has been handed down from father to son… A story where the small details make the difference.”

Professionalism and skill handed down from father to son

Advanced line of Processing, storage and packaging

Well branched producer’s organization in the best areas

Efficient network to guarantee a fresh product throughout Italy

Controlled chain,
integrated pest management,
Organic and IGP

Our numbers:
6 warehouse
60 producing lines
More than 450 producers
145.000 kg of production capacity per hour
268.000.000 kg processed product per year

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