Astorino Pasta

The Astorino Pasta was born in Crotone in 2002 with the aim of producing quality pasta, combining tradition and innovation, and has specialized in making various formats.

From the beginning the Astorino Pasta has set itself the objective of bringing distinctive quality elements to the production, by selecting the best raw materials available on the market and using calibrated national semolina, adopting innovative process techniques such as: vacuum extrusion (for press formats), a pre-drying thanks to a Multi-function overflowing shaker able to carry out Pre-treatment, Pre-Drying and Cooling, and complete exsiccation at low temperatures in new generation static cabinets, in order to maintain the physical and organoleptic characteristics of the product.

This allows us to obtain products with superior visual, intrinsic and organoleptic characteristics, in full respect of tradition.

The production of new products has been implemented. In particular, a line of organic and nutraceutical pasta has been developed that includes various formats.

Today we find Astorino Pasta in the best gourmet stores in Italy and even in Germany, England, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Russia, China and the United States.

The company, due to its eco-sustainable production policy, in 2012 has realized a solar thermal system and a low-impact environmentally friendly solar-powered cogeneration plant, which allowed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the environment.

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- Our Products have organic certification
We only use Italian flour from South of Italy. We have the treaceability from cultivation to production. A mixture of flour made by us.
Our product can be found in groceries and small markets around Italy, Europe, Russia and USA.
Our company has been working in Agri food sector since 2002, 19 years
We don't need to choose a specific marketplace for our product, since pasta is known worldwide
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AdressVIA CARLO MATTEUCCI, 18, - Calabria

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