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The Di Cerbo Agricultural Company was founded in the early 2000s has headquarters in Dugenta, but extends the own crops also in others municipalities of the Telesina Valley in province of Benevento. Love for the land and the Samnite territory inspired the main objective of the company: enhance Campania’s products in respect for ancient traditions. There like to use simple recipes, handed down by our parents and grandparents, to preserve the ancient flavors and the traditions that combined with the quality of the raw material make the our products. The processes range from the production of wines, from the decanting and bottling of extra virgin olive oil from olives, from the production of extra fruit jams and nectars, to production of preserves in oil and tomato preserves allowing to market a wide range of products. From the passion for good things we prepare artisan products guaranteed in compliance with health and hygiene regulations, without using chemical additives but only what nature offers us. In fact in 2014 one of the company’s main milestones has been achieved as well the recognition of an ORGANIC FARM with the trademark “STELLA MAIURI” and therefore with the consequent production of organic products. The Cerbo Agricultural Company has created a laboratory model functional to your needs, consisting of machines and technologically advanced equipment. In the laboratory of transformation adjacent to the company, the product is transformed from agricultural to agri-food and, as always, the company places the maximum care in every phase of the process with qualified personnel and particular attention to legal compliance. Thank you to experience, the company offers a support service to many farmers and producers with its authorized laboratory for the transformation on behalf of third parties.

SUBTLE: 100% artisan products obtained from genuine and natural raw materials. Products in oil they are eaten as an appetizer or as a side dish. Exclusive use of extra virgin olive oil e the careful selection of local products always which make them products of extreme quality. Everything is prepared with raw materials scrupulously selected on the territory. Without the addition of any preservatives and / or dyes, we are able to preserve the products with oil, salt and wine vinegar. Upon arrival of the raw material used is washed in so as to eliminate the particles of earth and any other residues, carried out in the washing tank.This tank has the   presence of a conveyor belt to advance the product at the final rinse below running water. Subsequently the sorting carried out is carried out manually on a sorting table with the aim of eliminating the vegetable damaged. In this way the operators ensure that it comes used only ripe, clean vegetables and without bruising. The vegetable the blanching phase follows where the product is dipped in a cooking tray, bringing it to a temperature of approx 95 ° C. The goal of the sunburn is to lower the pH beforehand. The acidified vegetable is poured onto a double bottom counter perforated, covered with sheets and left to drain naturally. TO at this point the vegetables are seasoned and mixed manually with ingredients such as oil and any flavorings. The product then comes inserted by the operators in the glass jars, which guarantee a suitable space for the formation of the vacuum after the phase of heat treatment. The closed cans follow the internal sanitization treatment of the boiler (pasteurizer) at a T = 100 ° C x 6/15 minutes, during this phase periodic checks are carried out by means of the use of thermal probes. In order to verify that the entire process meets the conditions we use tools such as date logger and the time-temperature report. The assortment of our range includes: artichokes, onions, broccoli, aubergines, peppers and courgettes.

Friarielli in olio extra vergine di oliva: A 100% artisan product obtained from genuine and natural raw materials. Broccoli in oil are an excellent side dish of vegetables with a slightly bitter flavor (characteristic of the Neapolitan / Campania tradition). For the perfect combination it is generally associated with sausage.
Carciofini in olio extra vergine di oliva: A 100% artisan product obtained from genuine and natural raw materials. Artichokes in oil are eaten as an appetizer or as a side dish combined with meat and red wine.
Cipolla in olio extra vergine di oliva: A 100% artisan product obtained from genuine and natural raw materials. Excellent for appetizers and side dishes, red and / or white onion in oil brings the flavors and aromas typical of the Mediterranean directly to the table

Mashed: Our mashed are very fragrant creams that they will be able to give strong flavors if used in pasta and/or for pepper tasty bruschetta to serve as an appetizer or during appetizers. Handcrafted products to further enhance the aromas and flavors with the intention of enhance its use within simple recipes and poor but rich in taste e enveloping. The assortment of our range includes: broccoli, artichokes, dried tomatoes, walnuts, pumpkin, onion and peppers.

Pestato di friarielli: Particular cream with a strong and unmistakable flavor of Neapolitan broccoli. It is a ready-to-use product, excellent for dressing bruschetta pasta or simply spread on bread.
Pestato di pomodori secchi: The crushed dried tomatoes is a very fragrant cream that will give flavor if used in pasta. It is used to prepare tasty bruschetta to be served as an appetizer or during aperitifs.
Pestato di carciofi: Particular cream with a strong and unmistakable flavor. It is a ready-to-use product, excellent for dressing bruschetta pasta or simply spread on bread.
Pestato di cipolle: The onion pesto is a particular cream with a strong flavor and ready to be used. Excellent for seasoning bruschetta pasta, simply spread on bread or seasoning meat and hamburgers.

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Extra virgin olive oil is a 100% Italian cold extracted product. Extra virgin olive oil is a blend produced from an olive grove of different varieties of fine olives (ortice, ortolana, racioppella, sprina) exclusively from Sannio Beneventano in a single plot of land (single olive grove). The olives harvested with detachment forced are molite a cold within 12 hours following. The vessels used for the oil conservation are those in stainless steel or dark glass bottles. Oil filtering takes place by decanting natural to avoid expose the oil to the air for a long time and therefore lose the various organoleptic characteristics it possesses. The altitude of the land (800 meters) and the stony ground allow you to obtain an oil with an acidity never higher than 0.22%. It shows up with a green-yellow color with a harmonious fruitiness that recalls the smell and the taste of fresh fruit at the right degree of ripeness sweet on the palate with a taste of sweet almond and a slight bitter and spicy aftertaste with slight herbaceous hints reminiscent of freshly cut grass fluid on the palate andgood shelf life.

lemon oil: Lemon oil is made by selecting the best lemons and combining them with the olives during processing. The interweaving of flavors is generated by this process, ideal for obtaining a product of the highest quality. A fresh scent with a vigorous tone prevails on the nose.

JAMS: Our jams are very fragrant and with a sweet taste ideal for the first breakfast for a supply of vitamins e perfect for the preparation of desserts and tarts. Jam is a natural product al 100% since made without the use of pectin, thickeners, dyes or preservatives. The jams are born by combining the ancient tradition of local processing with the needs of the new market. Exclusive use of always fresh local fruit. Upon arrival of the raw material used, the washing is carried out in in order to eliminate the particles of earth and other possible residues, carried out in the washing tank. This tank has the presence of a conveyor belt to advance the product to the final rinse under running water. The sorting is then carried out carried out manually on a sorting table with the aim to eliminate damaged fruit. In this way the operators ensure that only ripe fruit is used, clean and without dent.The fruit prepared in this way is “cooked” with the addition ofsugar. Since the amount of sugar depends on the type of fruit used and from the degree of ripeness, the degree Brix is ​​measured for establish the quantity of sugar to add in order to have the desired commercial characteristics. All of this is done because the high sugar concentration lowers the free water after pasteurization, preventing it development of microorganisms and the denaturation of the product. In the final stage of processing the preserve is packaged in jars. The produced at the time of filling has a temperature of approx 85 ° C. To ensure safety and quality of the finished product is performed on sanitation treatment (pasteurization) performed at one temperature of 75 ° C for 3-4 minutes at the core of the product, with a sample probe placed inside the sample jar placing it in the center of the pasteurizer. At the end, cooling is carried out as quickly as possible possible and labeled.

The assortment of our range includes: apricot, orange, cherry, onion, strawberry, mandarin, annurca apple, quince, pear, plum, black cherry

TOMATO PRESERVES The preserves of tomato is probably the queen of preserves, especially in the South Italy where it is used daily in the many recipes of the Mediterranean diet. That simple how tasty. Products that range from the past of tomato, cherry a  natural, fillets of tomatoes, all made from both red and yellow tomatoes grown on the farm carefully selected and collected at the right degree of maturation. The semplicity of processing and the absence of additives and preservatives define the high quality of products that preserve the typical tomato flavor fresh. Without adding no ingredients, simple and genuine, sterilized with the boiling to allow conservation.
READY SAUCES: tasty ready-made sauces products with tomatoes Italians and enriched with added ingredients. With delicate flavors and desserts; sauces that don’t contain some kind of products chemicals such as: dyes, preservatives or additives.






our company is certified BIO. Over the years we have received a number of awards.
organic, natural, without preservatives, without additives, without dyes, genuine.
Our products are found in Italy, Lithuania and Germany.
our company has been operating in the agri-food sector for over 10 years.
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