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Azienda Agricola Brittelli Elisabetta is a family owned and operated organic IGP farm located in Calabria, the southern-most region of Italy. Halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sila mountain range, the farm is situated in the outskirts of the town of Roccabernarda on gentle, rolling hills at 200 metres above sea level. It is here that the farm’s 4000 native olive trees are cultivated on 25 hectares, producing fruit that is then turned into Athena, the farm’s award-winning extra virgin organic olive oil.

Francesco Bonofiglio and Elisabetta Brittelli, the husband and wife team that runs the century-old farm, are committed to creating a zero-kilometer company that values and promotes the production of quality virgin olive oil through organic farming and sustainable methods respectful of the land, the trees and the local population.

Athena oil is cold pressed from 70% carolea olives which produce a golden-green coloured oil characterized by a light-medium-intensity olive fruitiness, bitter and spicy with an aftertaste that recalls almond and often apple. Other local varieties which contribute alone or jointly to the production of the “Alto Crotonese” denomination in an amount not exceeding 30% are the cultivars Pennulara, Borgese, Nocellara Messinese and Nocellara Benice. The oil obtained from these varieties ranges from fruity to bitter with medium-high-intensity spiciness and notes of almonds and tomatoes.

The Brittelli farm has a production capacity of 20,000 litres of oil per year, and following production the oil is stored in stainless steel food-safe tanks according to CE standards. It is free from defects and extraneous odors.

Two years ago the farm expanded its production to include a variety of delicious jams and marmalades made with 100% high-quality locally-sourced ingredients. Prickly pear jam, orange marmalade made with ginger, walnuts, chocolate or cinnamon, along with tangerine marmalade and cinnamon tangerine marmalade are available, all without artificial colours, flavours or pectin.

In 2020 and 2021 Athena oil won a gold medal in the Dubai Olive Oil Competition for its exceptional quality. It won a silver medal at the Evo International Olive Oil Contest IOOC in 2020.

The company also enjoys success abroad with regular exports to Taiwan, Germany and Guatemala.

With professionalism, initiative and enthusiasm, Azienda Agricola Brittelli Elisabetta has earned respect and a solid position in the food production market both in Italy and abroad.

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Yes, our company has won three awards: 1. Gold medals at the "Dubai olive oil competition" in 2020 and 2021; 2. Silver medal INTERNATIONAL EVO OLIVE OIL COMPETITION COI 2020 ITALY.
Our oil is organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil made from 100% ripe, fresh Italian olives. Our jams and marmalades are prepared with 100% high-quality Italian fruit and are without preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. They contain 80% percent fresh, hand-picked fruit.
Our products are available locally and nationally in Italy, and they are also exported to Germany, Taiwan and Guatemala.
Our company has been offering high-quality, certified, organic products to our customers for over 30 years.
Stores which carry high-quality organic Italian products and restaurants that care about serving genuine food to their customers.
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AdressVia giocatori s.n.c. - 88835 Roccabernarda kr - Calabria - ITALY

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