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Can the sweetness of a territory be evoked? For us in B. Langhe, work has begun every day with this question since 1977, and we always try to give it an answer as if it were the very first time.
What we want to give each time is the spirit of a land which has a sense for recognising good things and things that are made well.
At the centre of our world is Alba, an Italian gourmands’capital. Here we were born and you find us here still. All around us are the Langhe, a precious treasure trove of harmony and knowledge, recognised as a Unesco World Heritage site.
It all began a long time ago, far from the bright lights, in the shelter of an artisan laboratory, where the secrets of the art of confectionery are handed down through the generations. These were the seventies,and B. Langhe was a small biscuit manufacturer with a street-front in one of the central streets of Alba. It was above all tanacity and the will to work, creativity and entrepreneurial courage that led this little workshop to become a very solid company which exports its products worldwide. That same spirit daily animates the production plant of B.Langhe, nowadays located outside the city centre but still in Alba, the wine and food heart of the Langhe.

Ours products:
Sweet Truffles: From the fortuitous encounter between Cocoa and Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts from Piedmont these Truffles were born. The two main ingredients in Piedmont confectionery tradition are blended in a very soft mixture into a shape which recalls the highly prized tuber from which it takes its name.
“Cuneesi”: It is the thin crispness of the coating of bitter chocolate which constitutes the most refined secret of one of the emblematic recipes of the art of confectionery in Piedmont. Its heart is a soft cream with intense flavours. Each Cuneese enfolds a character, the classic Rum, the fresh Hazelnut, the aromatic Barolo Chinato, and so on… for the palate it is a delicious game to explore all of them and find the character in each one of them.
“Tarocco”:A paste of cocoa and hazelnuts with a unique consistency, it is mixed by the movement of skilful hands using an indispensable tool, a spatula known as the Tarocco. The external form of the product is a compact bar, the substance, covered with a dusting of cocoa, has an unprecedented consistency, the rich oils of the hazelnuts which exceed 50% of the preparatory ingredients, make it a sweet which is always ready to melt delicately. This is confectionery for real “meditation”, destined to set an example for the future.
“Capricci”: A pair of soft wafers flavoured with almonds, scrupulously sandwiched by hand with the freshest white chocolate flavoured with fruit in between. These are B.Langhe’s Caprices. They’re a treat to indulge in especially in the summer, even fridge-cooled, to savour fully the vivacity of the orange, lemon, peach, apricot. and the enduring natural quality of the almonds.
“Panettone” Only a sweet thing can be a worthy evocation of the uniqueness of Christmas and the atmosphere of harmony and sweetness that accompanies the festivity. The Panettone has always been the undisputed protagonist of Christmas reunions. With its slow preparation, as tradition requires, BLanghe’s Panettone takes shape. Completely natural leavening ensures the right softness for the dough, enriched with candied peel, raisins and chocolate drops.
The production plant of B. Langhe snc occupies an area of about 1500 square meters. Alba in the industrial area in the province of Cuneo.
It ‘a small company that employs 8 permanent employees, to which are added, based on the production and packaging needs, temporary employees.
It manufactures and markets branded B. Langhe and the prestigious names of foreign chains; the products are distributed by about 85% in several foreign countries.
Our approach, following local tradition while allowing a touch of innovative influence, is what distinguishes B.Langhe’s confectionery production.
On this basis, the firm has acquired the necessary certificates to guarantee their clients authentic and reliable products in keeping with the most recent international standards. It has obtained BRC (British Retail Consortium) which certifies the quality of every phase of manufacture and procurement of raw materials. .

  1. Langhe snc looks to the future with the characteristics of a dynamic and constantly evolving, ready to seize any opportunities for improvement and innovation, whether they come from the laws (and are therefore tax), whether arising from the desire to provide better quality services and products, in response to an increasingly demanding market and consumers increasingly attentive to environmental issues, safety and health protection.
    The certifications achieved voluntarily give a measure of achievements.
    At the same time lay the foundation for further development, which will surely be focused on staff training, modernization of production lines and management tools, in order to make the company more competitive in the market and improve the quality of services and products offered.

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