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BOCON s.r.l is a family business born in 1987 from the enthusiasm of Luca Ricci and his wife Donatella, entrepreneurs with a great food and wine culture. It is located in the heart of UNESCO’s Prosecco hills and vineyards in the Veneto region and is internationally recognised as a manufacturer of PREMIUM QUALITY frozen ready meals. Our mission is to always bring to the tables all over the world the unmistakable quality of true Italian products. Our main customers are primary international retailers and food service companies.
All the delicious dishes we deliver to our consumers’s tables can be passed off as home-made: prepared with selected ingredients, based on traditional recipes often collected from friends and family, inspired by the great Italian culinary tradition, devoid of additives, artificial colours, and flavours.
We are highly focused on tailor-made recipes. Our Food Innovation Lab develops and tests new products and concepts through an exchange of experiences from different markets.
Its constant attention to new healthy trends in eating, has led Bocon to explore new ingredients and combinations, creating products that can satisfy omnivorous consumers as well as vegetarians and vegans, in a festival of flavours that constantly reminds us of Bocon’s mantra “healthy can rhyme with tasty”. The two prizes recently awarded to our line of vegetable gnocchi are a testimony to the company’s  vision and commitment. .
The opening of a new plant with the highest food and safety standards (BRC/IFS) will increase our production capacity and enhance our resources for further innovation and new business opportunities.
We can offer own-branded and Private Label solutions; all types of packaging to meet market needs (both in for Retail and Food service)

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Yes, they do. Sial Gold Award 2020 for vegetable gnocchi in the Fruits & vegetables category and Best innovation Innovafood for vegetable gnocchi in the Fruits & vegetables category in the French market
Firstly taste and genuineness - e.g. the gnocchi do not contain rehydrated potatoes nor flakes, just the fresh tubers; careful ingredients selection and a clean label approach, meaning no artificial flavouring, colours, thickeners or preservatives.
The company is present in different markets. The main ones are USA, Australia, and France
Bocon was founded in 1987 and for over 30 years has been building its expertise in tailored meal solutions and innovative frozen products. The company’s focus is on the Private Label sector, that makes up 80% of its business.
Definitely the retail market in the frozen categories of ready meals, snacks, and desserts, followed suit by the food service targeting Italian & Vegan restaurants
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