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Cheese factory San Giovanni is a reality of excellence that for over 40 years has been interpreting old faithfully wisdom and values of Abruzzo’s master cheesemakers.
Our production focuses particularly on the niche of cheeses, proposing a catalog that today boasts of about 30 high-end references including fresh, seasoned and special products.
Strengthened by the consensus and successes achieved at national level, we intend to expand into foreign markets thanks to collaborations and new joint-ventures with wholesalers, food-service and medium/large distribution networks for which values such as quality, prestige, history, business capacity and loyalty represent an essential element on which to focus.
Our production site is located at 850 meters above sea level, surrounded by the green of the Abruzzo mountains. Here we live and make nature live by setting that in motion food chain that carries on the scent of the mountain air.
Those who live here know how to respect it and this is the reason why our cheese has the scent of uncontaminated pastures, mixed with various wild flora that makes our milk and our products unique, expression of a work that is intertwined with the quality of life, good air and food. In this way the ancient artisan knowledge arrives on the table enriched with knowledge and innovation.
Times have changed, but the care, attention, constant pursuit of high quality in the San Giovanni cheese factory have remained intact, today as then. Starting from the raw materials: only 100% Italian sheep milk carefully selected and controlled in its chemical and microbiological parameters.
Each product is made with care and passion with the sole aim of sharing with the consumer the authentic taste of the great Abruzzo dairy tradition.

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Yes, my product has won several awards and has two certifications: Italian Excellence and Made in Italy.
The most important characteristics are the authentic flavors given genuine and high-quality ingredients, of fundamental importance is also the procedure which is directly inspired by the artisan tradition.
At the moment the reference markets are national but the intent in the coming years is to present our products to foreign markets.
The company has been operating in the food sector for almost 50 years, in fact the company was founded in 1975.
The best commercial destination is the HO.RE.CA channel, but we also interface with B2C channels.
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