Cipriani Tartufi

Passion and experience … that the Cipriani family for five generations has handed down from father to son, as a legacy of a life dedicated to the research and collection of the most prestigious fruit of the earth, the Truffle. Decades dedicated to the collection and supply for many of the major companies in the sector, then the decision to grow and extend our commitment, dedicating ourselves – directly and without intermediaries – to the production, transformation and sale of our products. This is why Cipriani Tartufl was born. Thanks to our choice of latest generation machinery, we are able to obtain a high quality of products, absolute prohibition of the use of thickeners, dyes, additives, acidifiers and all those chemical products. This is our strength, to use only natural products. Cipriani Tartufi .. our commitment.


Born in 1982, since childhood he follows in the footsteps of his father Mario. It too followed those of the parent, Cesidio.Secrets, which the world of truffles has to sell, experiences and tales of how to recognize true quality. Alessio has treasured it, so he realizes his dream … Cipriani TartufiNot only fresh truffles, therefore completes his laboratory, to make products with quality truffles.


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AdressVia Fossignano, 63, 04011 Fossignano LT, Italia

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