Consorzio Natura e Alimenta

We are a group of farmers sharing a common goal and passion: we farm our land in accordance with the strictest norms of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Our mission is to preserve our soil’s fertility and biodiversity while growing healthy wholefoods.
Our farmers and partners are to be found in North Italy and they all strictly comply with the guidelines set forth by the rules and regulations governing organic and biodynamic agriculture.
After harvesting, we can offer a wide variety of products, ranging from raw materials in bulk to minimally processed wholefoods. Our preserving methods make them convenient to use whilst retaining their nutrient dense and health enhancing qualities. They can meet the expectations of the most demanding, hard to please consumers. Upon request we can customize your packaging and produce your recipes.
Our range includes:

  • Organic UHT milk, that we propose in 1000/500g packet in 3 types: full milk, partially skimmed and high digestible.
  • Organic fresh and seasoned cheeses: Grana Padano PDO, Hard Cheese with microbial rennet, Gorgonzola PDO, Ricotta, Mozzarella. All can be packed in catering size and for final consumer.
  • Organic tomato Passata, Concentrate, Juice and ready Sauces for pasta, available in 9 different flavors: with basil, with zucchini, with eggplant, with olives and capers, with olives and tuna, with vegetables, with Porcini mushrooms, “Arrabbiata” (spicy) and “Bolognese” (with bovine meat).
  • Organic rice and corn flours, gluten free certified
  • Organic Pasta: both traditional (with selected durum wheat) and gluten free (with rice and corn flours, legumes and vegetables flours).

It is produced in different long cut and short cut shapes packed in various sizes.
All the products you can buy from us have undergone very strict checks in order to always guarantee the highest quality, traceability and 100% Italian origin.
For our consumers’ complete protection the “Consorzio Natura e Alimenta” has been issued various quality assurance certificate, including: Bio (Reg. 834/2007), Demeter, NOP, Kosher, Krav, Biosuisse e Jas.

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