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Coffee producers since 1960. When the company was born 60 years ago the founder Domenico had immediately a clear vision: producing coffee blends with raw materials of the highest quality, elaborating a manufacturing method intentionally slow. This represents for us, still today, our main focus and it allows us to guarantee the realization of products highly artisanal that preserve all their characteristics and peculiarities.

In the last 3 decades from small roastery of a small town in the centre of Lazio began the expansion thanks to Damiano’s guide and foresight, second generation of the company, Domenico’s son. From the local retail distribution, the company acquired new market shares with the Ho.re.ca sector that today represents the major percentage of the company turnover.
From 5 years the company looked for new opportunities on the international market and it acquired discrete market shares in about 8 countries, leading to the opening of other two production centres.
Today we’re at our third generation and we continue to see the evolution of the national and international market and with it the necessity to look to the digital word as a big opportunity.
At this regard, recently we started a digital project of private label coffee named Coffee2brand which allows to conjugate the company know-how with a growing market demand where the food & beverage operators, mainly distributors and ho.re.ca operators (b2B) feel the necessity to have a unique product with their own brand,
Today the main purpose is to continue to consolidate the national market shares and looking for new opportunities on the international market without distorting the brand identity, built more than 60 years of history.”
Tradition. Research. Vision.

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Our company – Dicos Group s.r.l – got several certifications. FDA Certificate, that concerns the export to USA; ISO 22000 Bureau Veritas Italia S.p.A. that certifies the Food Safety Management System; Also got different awards from the University of Food Technology in PLOVDIV (Bulgaria) for “The Best product in the Coffee Category consumer choice competition”
We are Italian Coffee producers since 1960. Our production method aims to preserve a slow manufacturing process which protects the natural transformation of the elements and to realize highly selected coffee blends. That means we only produce with slow roasting followed by a long seasoning, our unique combination.
Our target is rapresented by Ho.re.ca & retail market in Italy and also in the other countries. You can find us in Canada, Usa, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Dominican Republic & UK.
Since 1960. Our founder Domenico started with a micro-roastery in a little village between Naples an Rome, called San Giorgio a Liri (FR). And now It’s at the third generation
We aim to consolidate our position in the Italian Ho.Re.ca Market and enter in the Middle-East with great partners as Wholesalers & distributor.
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AdressDicos Group Industria caffè v. Castelnuovo Parano 1 03047 S.Giorgio a Liri Fr-Italy

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