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Dinicaffè means Florence coffee since 1939
Dinicaffè is a small Italian family-run artisan coffee-roasting company in the heart of the historic center of Florence.
The company was founded in 1939 by Alberto Dini. At 30 years of age, Alberto’s goal was to create a “mini company” based on product excellence.
These same values of the founder have remained unchanged and have been handed down throughout more than 80 years; today Dinicaffè is led by Serena and Benedetta Nobili, the founder’s granddaughters, whose passion and efforts, equal to those of their grandfather, continue to keep the tradition of high quality coffee alive.
The various blends we package, both in beans for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel (coffeeshops, bars, premium restaurants) and ground for domestic use (high-end Retail stores, gourmet shops, delicatessen), consist of the best selection of Arabica and Robusta coffee.
We are also very careful with the roasting process: according to tradition, we prefer to roast on a daily basis, each type of coffee roasted by itself, to enhance their respective characteristics and sensory peculiarities.
After roasting, we prefer to allow the beans to cool down with air rather than with water: this is another crucial detail that helps maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee.

This is what makes our coffee different from other industrial brands.
Our Decaf coffee is processed with just as much care: a 100% Arabica selection from which caffeine is eliminated in its origin, without any chemical substances, using instead simple steam. This ensures that its organoleptic characteristics are maintained.
Our commitment to safeguarding the environment expresses itself in further aspects, too: all our packagings are eco-friendly, since they are printed with water-based inks, without using any solvents, and our capsules are compostable.
Certification is another important pillar for which Dinicaffè stands out from thousands of “mainstream” coffee roasters.
Indeed the company is member and among the co-founders of the Certified Speciality Coffee Association (CSC – https://www.caffespeciali.it/en/), a consortium specifically created to protect and grant the quality of coffee and the total traceability of the product, from the plantation to the cup.
We offer a wide and complete range of premium coffees both for the Ho.Re.Ca. and the high-end Retail channels:
Blendline FIRENZE: our range of premium blends, named “Blendline Firenze” is inspired by the city of Florence. All the symbols that identify the different blends are taken from the decorative mosaics of the florentine churches. The range is composed of 7 premium blends, 2 of which are CSC-certified.
Monoline (single-origins): for our Mono Line we select the best coffees from the best origins. Specialty “single-plantation” coffees: Guatemala, El Salvador, Ethiopia. Our Mono Line are CSC-certified, with indication of the respective plantation on the package (total traceability from the plantation to the cup).

ESPRESSIONE – Compatible capsules with Nespresso® system: single-dose capsules compatible with Nespresso® home coffee machine.

  • Classico: blend of roasted and ground selected coffee.
  • Decaffeinato Naturale: blend of roasted and ground selected coffee. 100% Arabica.

Our offer is enriched and completed by a range of Merchandising items:

  • Firenze Cups: pack of 6 collection cups (coffee or cappuccino) in 6 different colours with screenprinting of Florence skyline
  • Branded shot glasses: pack of 6 shot glasses with “Dinicaffè” logo
  • Tamper
  • Milk Jugs (35cl – 50cl)
  • Napkin Holder
  • Sugar Caddy
  • Barista Apron
  • Gift Boxes: elegant gift boxes in 4 versions

Beside our standard range, we are able to develop taylor made blends and customized projects (Private Label), thanks to our expertise and market-oriented approach.
Our company is also open to supply the Industry channel, by providing roasted coffee as an ingredient.

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02_DiniCaff+¿_Company profile_ENG
03_ELLE_1000 gr 04_GRAN BAR_1000 gr
05_TIPO BAR_1000 gr
06_MOKABAR_1000 gr
07_ARGENTO PURO_1000 gr
09_AUTENTICA_1000 gr
10_GUATEMALA_1000 gr
11_EL SALVADOR_1000 gr
12_ETHIOPIA_1000 gr

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AdressVIA DEI BASTIONI 38/40 - 50125 FIRENZE (FI)

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