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Le Delizie del Cupin is a family-run Ligurian company that produces and offers a range of food delights, high quality healthy and genuine organic products.

The Le Delizie del Cupin company is located in Camporosso (Im) in Liguria but has its roots in the tradition and culture of a small town in the hinterland of Albenga: Costa Bacelega.

It is a small fraction of the Municipality of Ranzo in the province of Imperia that has about 50 inhabitants, but boasts a history made up of people dedicated to agriculture and nature in general. The village perched on a hill, shows itself in all its beauty in the middle of a real “wood” of olive groves, Taggiasca cultivar.

“It is from there that its founder made his will to offer the final consumer products that are healthy, genuine and above all also respectful of nature.”

At the helm of Le Delizie del Cupin is Marco Donato who is always looking for good and genuine products to prepare tasty products, all without preservatives or added dyes. Only raw materials selected from the best producers in Liguria and Tuscany.

“Directly from a fascinating Ligurian countryside we have collected all the secrets of the grandmother, which you can find in our well-kept jars, which she in Ligurian dialect calls” i cupin ”

Each product signed by Le Delizie del Cupin is 100% genuine: it does not contain preservatives, dyes, additives, thickeners, sweeteners and flavor enhancers. They are made only with selected raw materials and flavored with spices and sea salt. All ingredients are chosen from the best Italian producers and with high standards certified by the CE stamp on each product.

The products signed by Le Delizie del Cupin bring you home the same flavor and genuineness of traditional home-made products: simple products but rich in flavor.

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olio del nonno bronze medal International Olive Oil Competition London 2021. Italian excellence award 2021.
Genuine, Natural, Healthy as per grandmother's recipe
Internet, small shops of typical products throughout Italy, amazon, ebay.
Le Delizie del Cupin were born in 2020 but continue the tradition of the granparents present on the italian agricultural market since 1960.
My Products can be destined both to the tables of end customers and to large supermarkets and to traditional Italian shops.
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AdressCorso Italia 10 - 18033 Imperia

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