Donna Tina di Salvatore Capalbi

Young company run by a team of professionals located in the heart of the Alta Collina Materana in the municipality of Stigliano, with an extension of about 55 hectares and over 4000 olive trees of typical varieties of the area. In 2017 he was awarded the recognition of Italian Excellence. Fattoria Donna Tina produces organic products with a short and controlled supply chain, preserving the simplicity and local traditions. The typical climate of our land and the high specialization achieved, we produce high quality excellences that satisfy even the most demanding palates. Our products are organic durum wheat pasta, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic flours, organic honey, extra jams, donkey milk chocolate, cosmetics with donkey milk and olive oil. The Donna Tina company is supported by 3 Partners for both express and traditional shipments all over the world. The company staff works in such a way as to always keep under control the quality of the products, the transparency and the satisfaction of the final customer.

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Antiche Terre ITA-EN Rev 2
Cioccolata ITA-EN Rev 1
Pasta Angela ITA-EN Rev 2
Pasta Selezione ITA-EN Rev 1
Terra Briganti ITA-EN Rev 1
0 – Cioccolata al Latte di Asina Rev2
0 – Olio Terra Briganti Rev0
0 – Pasta Angela Rev 0
0 – Pasta Selezione Rev 0

Yes, my products have the organic certification and the donkey milk chocolate have suntry awards
Organic certification according to the EU, USDA US and COR Canada standard. Company short chain products. Each production phase is controlled by our company
European market and US market. Soon Singapore
Delicatessenand shops specializing in quality products. Even supermarkets with corners dedicated to gourmet products
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