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Elisa Food has a very long story and experience starting from the big passion for the pizza of his  founder Clemente Fasce who, in 1976, after trials and trials, started to produce Pizza Beses, like the  American Crust, in a very small bakery in the town of Novara.
After some wavering the product was well accepted from the market and the demand was growing  day by day.
In 1982 Clemente decided to move from Novara to the near village of Vespolate because the  production needed more space due to the increasing demand.
In 1988 also Clemente’s son, Edoardo, reached the Company and in 1990 was automatized the  production line due to the increasing volumes.
In 1992 Father and Son, always due to increasing and divesifying of the demand, bought another building in the same village of Vespolate, for producing Frozen Pizzas, hand stretched, stone oven  baked at wood fire.
There was no sense to have two establishment, in 1996 Clemente and  Edoardo decided to move in Borgolavezzaro buying a new building, where to merge the two different productions and there was  born Elisa Food srl producing with two lines:
The American Crust line in ambient and frozen also plant based (Cauliflower, beetroot, purple carrot, broccoli,  butternut squash, spinach).
The Hand Streched line in frozen, hand stretched, stone oven baked Pizzas and Pizza Bases fresh or frozen also  plant based.
Elisa Food is now producing ambient Pizza Bases, fresh or frozen pizzas with or without gluten, conventional,  organic, vegan and plant based.
For over 40 years Elisa Food has been producing room-temperature sourdough pizza bases as well as frozen and fresh sourdough pizza.
Elisa Food products are marketed with the PIZZERIA FASCE brand, but we usually use Private Label

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