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The Company was founded by Rainieri Lionello, who began his business in the 50s with his wife Anita Fiorin, buying eggs from  farmers near Codevigo (Padova, Veneto). Then they started breaking them manually and selling egg products, in particular egg whites.
In 1965 the Company took its first fundamental step purchasing its first breaking machine, thus beginning a constant and unstoppable growth, which confirmed the Lionello family as a genuine role model of the entrepreneurship in Veneto. It is in this Northern region that Eurovo, born from 100% Italian roots, has today succeeded in becoming the European leader of the sector.
The Group, still owned by the Lionello family, looks towards the challenges of the future with the spirit of a firm who has always believed in the value of work and the power of innovation.

70 years of experience
2.000 employees
8 plants of feed production
8 selection and packing centres in Italy
1 packing centre in Romania
5 processing centres in Italy
4 processing centres in Europe
2 powder production centres
29 delivery warehouses in Italy
370 Eurovo’s owned vehicles
1.000.000 analysis every year

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AdressVia Mensa 3 - 48020 S. Maria in Fabriago - Lugo

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