Ferrari & Franceschetti Spa

ISTA’ Ferrari & Franceschetti spa is an established family-owned firm, that since 1963 operats business that focuses on the production of Italian and Mediterranean specialty foods. Currently ISTA’ does business in more than 45 countries worldwide. An advanced production, handling around 8,000 Tons of vegetables/year offers an extensive selection of finest-quality Italian ANTIPASTI for foodservice, fresh produce, and deli. ISTA’ is the historical brand that identifies the line of customized products for professional Catering. The range, synthesis between the Italian gastronomic tradition and modern and innovative cuisine, has rapidly developed starting from traditional appetizers in oil to nowadays reach over 350 innovative recipes prepared for all operators of modern catering. Among our products we highlight: MARINATED ARTICHOKES, BALSAMIC VINEGAR ONIONS, MARINATED MUSHROOMS, GRILLED VEGETABLES, DRIED TOMATOES, SEMI-DRIED TOMATOES, OLIVES. Certified HACCP, BRC, IFS, and Kosher.

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Certifications: HACCP, BRC, IFS, VEGAN, BIO.
short and controlled supply chain, innovative products, punctual and attentive service to the needs of each specific market.
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AdressVia Luppia 16 - 37046 Minerbe

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