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Foodies (Eurofood Group): the art of taste from Italy, to the world.

Foodies Italia represents the Eurofood Group business unit division focused on export management.

Eurofood is an important group at service disposal for exporting and importing premium food products, interpreting the evolution of taste in the world.

The group founded in 1970, imports and distributes in exclusivity for the Italian market the best food specialties from fifty countries and five continents: a complete collection of the most prestigious international brands, from ethnic to healthy, from confectionery to haute cuisine, from spirits to colonial world and frozen sector.

Eurofood group it is structured into several division in order to satisfy all market needs and to intercept business opportunities as in the domestic market as well in the worldwide global opportunities.

Foodies Italia holds an important expertise and business know how for enhancing the great Italian heritage in food and beverage and to explore new trends and emerging segments for suppling both and large distribution all over the world with a wide range of products from Italy.

The connection between heritage and innovation in Italian food and beverage is the essence of the Foodies brand portfolio, structured into two main firms, Nattura and Abbondio.

Nattura is one of the market leaders in Italy in organic, free from and protein segments.

Abbondio represents the Italian history in soft drinks from 1890.

Nattura philosophy is not product centered as the other players in these markets but its main aim and key success is to follow the consumer during all the daily purchasing occasions.

Abbondio is one of the leading Italian soft drinks brands with a strong heritage, since its establishing in 1890, with the development of the first soda recipe.

Foodies Italia it has also to be considered as the leading hub for Italian brands export developing in relevant segment such as truffles, confectionery, savory snacks and healthy snacks.

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