Forneria Carra di Carra Massimo & C. snc

Since 1970, Forneria Carra has been creating a large variety of high-quality products: from a wide range of breads, “focaccia”
and pizzas to traditional Italian cakes, biscuits and innovative creations.
Our company has kept unchanged its passion for details and its attention to traditional recipes and tastes over the years,
while accommodating the customers’ needs.
Forneria Carra selects only the best raw materials and ensures the irreplaceable handmade production of its goods.
Now in its third generation, with 7 stores in the north of Italy, Forneria Carra’s client portfolio includes many customers of
the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, both in Italy and in some neighboring European countries.
Panamì, in particular, is the Forneria Carra’s brand that proposes the excellences of the company in a variety of frozen products. They are easy to use because they are offered:
– already cooked and finished, therefore ready to be defrosted and served
– or pre-cooked, which therefore require few minutes in a conventional oven
They can find many applications, such as in take-away shops that need ready-to-serve products or semi-finished products
to customize, in hotels, catering and restaurants that need quality in their buffets or variety in the bread baskets on the tables.
Our flagship products are Focaccia and Pizzas, exclusively hand-rolled, very light and digestible since the long leavening
of the products are respected (about 8 hours).
The leavened products, just like the Torta delle Rose, which is one of the masterpieces of our sweet line, are our passion
and what most represents us.
Forneria Carra is also certified to produce organic products. Those that are currently included in the catalogue are limited
to the pizza sector, but, if requested, there is no limitation in producing even any other article belonging to the conventional
line in a biological way.
The company is structured to offer a quality customer care: availability 6 days a week, customer care in English, e-mail reply
within 24h, punctual delivery, guarantee of the shelf – life of our products, technical training for operators, new ideas for
the customization and application of our products, and more.
The company proposes itself as a supplier of top quality Italian products, which are recognizable all over the world.

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The company is currently investing to adapt the production site to IFS standards. The Certification will be achievable in the medium term.
We produce traditional Italian specialties. 50 years of experience in the sector, careful selection of raw materials, a line of frozen products to bring a perfect and easy-to-apply product, as freshly baked, all over the world.
we are currently present in Italy and in some neighboring countries of Europe. Our product range is expanding: our products have always been at the service of the sector, but now we are developing a Line for GDO with individual packs for self-service sales.
Our company was founded in 1968 on the initiative of our grandfather Carlo. From a small bakery in the village, my father Massimo has developed a company with almost 50 employees. And today, together with him, we 4 daughters too are developing new projects, with the same passion for the world of bread and sweets.
They are products studied for: - sector (ideal for setting up breakfasts, buffets, catering, assorted and tasty baskets of bread at the table,…), - take away shops (bakeries and pizzas, coffee bar,…), - large-scale distribution.
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