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A story of love and simplicity that began ninety years ago
Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro opened their first bakery in the ancient walls of Castelfranco way back in 1932.
Since then, the name Pasticceria Fraccaro has been constantly linked to the traditional art of  confectionery. The bakery became appreciated for the goodness of its bread and its sweet specialities, so much so that shortly after World War II, they opened a second bakery in Borgo Pieve, another historic street in the city, which specialised in focaccia, panettone and plum cake. The base ingredient of this success lies in the skilful and accurate processing of the bread and cake mixtures and the recipes used.
This characteristic remained even when Fraccaro became a real confectionery industry: Pasticceria Fraccaro products are still made today in a completely artisanal way. Some work phases have been automated, but manual skills and artisan attention still remain predominant throughout the production.
Inside the small family business you can breathe the same atmosphere and the same scents of ninety years ago, and we are guided by the same values of simplicity, genuineness and sharing that are found in emotional and family relationships: from here our products are born. they have the scent of childhood and the taste of authenticity.

Our sourdough starter: the most precious ingredient since 1932.
A special ingredient: sourdough starter. Sourdough starter is a mixture of flour and water in which the micro-organisms live and reproduce, which feed on the sugars contained in the flour to produce carbon dioxide. This fermentation process makes the dough rise and gives it other superior qualities: it maintains its organoleptic qualities such as fragrance and flavour over time, makes it naturally soft and very easy to digest. This process has been forgotten by modern industry because it requires attention and takes time, in addition to the constant care of the original starter.
Pasticceria Fraccaro on the other hand has cherished this heritage and every day renews its passion for tradition and quality.

Sensitivity and respect for the environment.
Sensitivity and respect for the environment have led Pasticceria Fraccaro to make its business more eco-friendly thanks to the use of renewable energy.
A 117 kilowatt photovoltaic system for the production of clean energy allows a reduction in CO2 emissions of 52 tons per year. In addition, a thermal system is used for heating the processing environments and for the leavening cells.
The environmental impact of packaging is another topic that Pasticceria Fraccaro has at heart. Making the wrapping of all products recyclable is one of the sustainability projects we are implementing to make our commitment to the environment concrete.

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