Frantoio Bonamini

Frantoio Bonamini was founded in 1965 in Illasi, in the North-East of Verona, becoming today an example of the unity between history and evolution. Giancarlo and Sabrina Bonamini run the historical Olive-Mill that claims more than fifty years of challenges, always driven by a rooted love story for the product and their territory and an openness to the world.

Every single passage of the transformation is closely checked to obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil, from the cultivation to the bottling.

Illasi Valley is the land of Grignano variety, the real native cultivar with which Bonamini extra virgin olive oil P.D.O. Veneto Valpolicella is produced. This oil is internationally prized and awarded for many years. Moreover there are Organic extra virgin oil and the exclusive Santa Giustina and San Felice oils.

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CERTIFICATIONS: PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN (Veneto Valpolicella P.D.O.) and ORGANIC and 100% ITALIAN. We’re working to get the IFS certification within 2021. AWARDS: - GUIDA OLI D’ITALIA “GAMBERO ROSSO” 2021- TWO LEAVES (Monocultivar Grignano); TWO RED LEAVES (Veneto Valpolicella D.O.P.); THREE LEAVES (Santa Giustina) -- NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL COMPETITION 2021 - GOLD AWARD (Veneto Valpolicella D.O.P.) - - FLOS OLEI – GUIDEBOOK TO WORLD OF EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - FLOS OLEI 2020 – HALL OF FAME (Veneto Valpolicella D.O.P.); FLOS OLEI 2021 – HALL OF FAME (Vert de Vertes)
We produce a wide range of products with different tasting and many different format sizes, from 100ml to 5 liter tin.
Europe, USA and Japan are the best markets.
We’re working in the agri-food sector since 1965.
Restaurants, gourmet shops, retails and high level supermarket chains.
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AdressVIA S. GIUSTINA 9/A - 37031 ILLASI (VR)

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