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My name is Pierluigi Presciuttini and I am an olive grower from Montefiascone (VT) who grew up among olive trees and in the family oil mill. The passion for these wonderful trees has led me to pursue with dedication and stubbornness the search for continuous agronomic improvements in the management of olive groves, starting from the cultivation with polyconic system to the instruments to indicate the correct harvesting period, always favoring a sustainable and natural cultivation and excluding the use of harmful chemical products, in the belief that the quality of the product must always be in the first place. Currently I manage about 3000 plants and almost all have been recovered from abandonment in the last 3 years. Many cultivars are Caninese, many other Frantoio and others Leccino. With the aim of producing an absolutely excellent oil, I am always looking for abandoned olive groves to recover. I am particularly attracted by trees that have been away from man for a long time because they are the best for production quality and rusticity of growth.

WHY “… diNotte®”?
Because by harvesting the olives at night, in the absence of sunlight, the oxidation processes are not activated. They are particularly harmful for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The lower temperatures do not trigger fermentation
processes and contribute to maintaining the best quality of the final product.”…diNotte®” because during the night I have the possibility to bring the olives to the Oil Mill faster and, without waiting, to be able to start them immediately for processing, in this way also the extraction is not conditioned by the harmful oxidative processes deriving from the sunlight. The EVO oil “… diNotte®” is a real object of desire and is aimed at a very demanding and sophisticated public, which appreciates unique and unrepeatable products.
It has a strong character, with a slightly bitter flavor, ideal to accompany refined dishes without overwhelming the taste of the dish. The early harvest also gives it a pungent aftertaste that makes this Oil EVO interesting and harmonious as a whole. Made entirely from the Caninese Cultivar.
Bouquet: medium fruity, herbaceous net of olive, with soft notes of artichoke, green grass and chickory.
Taste: clean, herbaceous, opens with a bitter sensation followed after 20 seconds by a pleasant and very persistent pungent note. This product won the honorable mention in the gift sector in the competition “Le Forme dell’Olio” of the magazine OlioOfficina.

Yes my products have been awarded in several competition and international prizes
The most important feature is the unique method of production, obtained by the recovering of abandoned groves and harvested by night
The best commercial destination is wherever the aim is for high quality and unique products
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AdressVia G.Contadini 55 - 01027 - Montefiascone (VT) - 02115390565

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