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Our story begins in 1958, in a place close to Bologna, in the North of Italy, in the small Gelato laboratory of our grandfather Guglielmo.
A true Gelato Love Story, made of recipes and methods drawn from the Italian Gelato-making tradition.
Tips and tricks passed from generation to generation make for unique expertise on today’s market, represented globally through the brands G7 and Siviero Maria, both inspired by our family history.
G7 calls to mind the memory of a special father-son relationship, captured in the choice of names that both share the initial letter of the name “G”.
Siviero Maria pays homage to a mother and wife who has always shared in this dream come reality, in the form of an outstanding Italian business.
Today, G7 is a modern, certified company, still run by the same family. This element of continuity has however embraced innovation, with technology and industrial know-how mixing with the best kept secrets of artisan tradition.
We recreate the value of the original artisan craft on our production lines, filling and decorating most of our tubs by hand.
We carefully select our superior quality raw ingredients such as P.G.I. Piedmont hazelnuts, P.D.O Green Pistachio from Bronte, high quality fresh milk, essential to preserving the unique taste of our Gelato. The selection of the best ingredients allows us to develop every year new and original recipes whose quality has been recognized also by experts and professionals that rewarded us with prestigious international prizes (2020 SIAL Innovation Award, 2019 Italian Food Award).
We also produce the syrups used to variegate our products ourselves, strictly according to artisan tradition.
Since the very beginning, we have been strong promoters of quality, transparency and innovation as a way of meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding and attentive consumer.
We continue to invest in research and development, not just with a view to expanding our product range, but also to adapting to the latest safety protocols.
Moreover, we made our commitment to the environment an integral part of our mission by selecting packaging and product innovations that create mutual benefit for both consumers and planet.
We introduced our first compostable packaging in 2017 (tub and lid made of bagasse, the sugarcane fiber waste left after juice extraction) and we can now offer to our customers some interesting plastic-free packaging options, such as our bamboo-based jars.
We currently export our products to more than 60 countries all around the world, offering to our customers GLUTEN FREE Gelato in different sizes (from the innovative minicups 150ml with spoon under the lid to the traditional foodservice format 4,750L), Gelato with SPREADABLE CREAM, LACTOSE FREE SORBETS with fruit mix or chocolate, CLEAN LABEL Gelato, VEGAN Gelato, 100% ORGANIC Gelato in a 100% compostable packaging.
GelatoMadre is our clean label Gelato, made with natural ingredients, in a 800ml square tub. Free from emulsifiers, flavourings, thickeners, stabilizers and coloring. All the flavours are also Gluten Free and prepared with High Quality fresh Italian cream and milk.
Siviero Maria Bio is our 100% Organic Gelato range, made only with few organic-certified ingredients and with fresh Italian cream and milk. 5 flavours (Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Stracciatella and Hazelnut), packed in an exclusive 100% compostable tub 450ml.
Not only Italian Gelato, but also Italian Sorbets. With our new range in a transparent 480ml tub, we reinterpret the traditional Sorbet in a modern way; a funny, eye-catching packaging for these innovative flavours, colorings and aromas free, where wellness and pure pleasure merge.
You can choose between explosive fruit mixes or a tasty chocolate.
Last but not least, our new line for Season 2021: the Gelato with Spreadable cream. An absolute novelty on the Gelato international retail market; an ambitious project, fully coherent with the values ​​of our company, which has always gambled on a distinctive know-how and on truly unique innovation skills.
In the new range, the traditional syrup is replaced by the spreadable cream, produced directly by G7. 3 flavours will be lauched in 2021: Custard Gelato with Pistachio Spreadable Cream, Salted Ricotta Cheese Gelato with Gianduia Spreadable Cream and Caramel Gelato with Salted Caramel Spreadable Cream.

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