Gastronomia antichi sapori di Ciman Mattia E C.S.

“Traditional flavours, make with Passion on your table every day.”
Enjoy the passion and history of Made in Italy high quality …

We are a large family that keeps alive the ancient flavors handed down from generation to generation.
The love for raw materials, good food and the tradition of flavors, learned in the family, allowed Franca and her sons Ivan and Mattia to open Gastronomia Antichi Sapori in 2008.
We are in Lonigo, in the heart of Vicenza, a simple and sincere place, where the flavors of the past are still the basis of everyday cooking.
Gastronomia Antichi Sapori has the desire to put on everyone’s table a healthy and naturally tasty product, able to excite with flavors and awaken intimate memories of a past history.
Our family keeps alive the tradition of our land and our gastronomic history. With our traditional recipes we exalt the true taste of high quality local ingredients selected for you with care and attention.
Love for History, for Tradition, for the Family, Quality of local ingredients, Craftsmanship..
These were the keys to our success.
The emotions that arouse our dishes have in a short time amplified a spontaneous word of mouth that has made possible the opening of a real laboratory, used exclusively for the preparation of food. The passion and values at the base of our work allow us to constantly experiment in order to always offer you the best.
The Mission of Gastronomia Antichi Sapori is to bring the tradition and taste of natural products to your tables. In addition to using raw materials selected with care and purchased directly from producers, the gastronomy is dedicated daily to the manual processing of products.
Every food is made with our hands.
The food is prepared without the addition of any type of preservative, to maintain the integrity of each flavor and enhance its characteristics.
This simple rule has allowed Gastronomia Antichi Sapori to expand in the national and recently also international market.
The dishes are prepared directly for you every day with the same passion that our family has handed down to us and reflect the natural flavors and values of our tradition.
In our production, we include first courses, second courses of meat and fish, side dishes and sauces.
First courses: Pasta and Meat Ragù bake, Pasta and Asparagus bake, Pasta Mushrooms and Asiago cheese bake, Pasta Courgettes and Speck bake, Pasta and Radicchio bake and Eggplants with parmesan cheese.
Meat Seconds: Tripe, Roasted Turkey, Chicken Scaloppine with lemon, Chicken Scaloppine with mushrooms.
Fish Seconds: Veal with Tuna and Caper sauce, Stockfish Vicenza Style.
Side dishes: Sautéed Courgettes, Roast Potatoes, Spinach, Carrots with Parsley, Wild Radicchio, Peperonata, Green Beans, Mixed Leaves, Tuscan baked beans, Stewed Savoy cabbage, Catalogna, chard, peas, polenta.
Sauces: Amatriciana sauce, Tomato sauce, Meat Ragù, Duck Ragù.

                                    What are you waiting for to taste our family food?

We at Gastronomia Antichi Sapori bring the Ancient Flavours of our territory to your plate.
Naturally traditional, we offer a wide selection of family recipes handed down over the years to offer you genuine and sincere tasty dishes.
We strongly believe that our dishes can convey the emotions we felt when we were children…
When we came back from a run with friends we already knew that once we crossed the door we would be overwhelmed by the smell of freshly cooked meat, hot polenta, of the freshly baked mess with a lot of love from mom.
The moment of the meal becomes with us a meeting between tastes and memories, between tradition and innovation.
Turn on the memory and…
Taste the history of Made in Italy high quality.

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