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We produce and sell a wide range of frozen products since 1987, intended for the world of industry, catering and retail trade. In fact we have the possibility to prepare product from 250g up to 4,5kg, in cases or only with a neutral plastic film with a label. We can make them in different sizes, recipes and packagings. We also have the possibility to create pack for our brand or your brand.

We have 3 factories in Italy, each specializing in a category:

  • Parona plant (PV): pizzas, focaccia, calzoni and gluten-free foods. We also have a fully automated line dedicated to the production of pastry sheets for yellow and green lasagna, which are pre-cooked and frozen using IQF
  • Rapallo factory (GE): fish and meat dishes
  • Bologna factory: microwave-ready meals, fresh stuffed pasta, lasagna, cannelloni, sauces

We have a single warehouse where all the products produced in the 3 production sites meet, in order to give our customers the possibility of obtaining supplies of several categories of goods in a single delivery.
We are proud to be Italian. Our food is made in Italy respecting the gastronomic tradition, in fact  We  carefully select all the ingredients in order to offer a true and authentic Italian cuisine experience.
We do not only sell our products but we also sell an experience.
We want to constantly meet the needs of our customers and we pay attention to the trend of the market.

Click the following link to see the catalogues:

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Yes, our factories obtained the BRC certification.
Our frozen products are Italian, they respect the traditional Italian cuisine and taste.
Food service, Industry and Retail chain.
Flexibility, readyness, attention to quality, innovation and customisation have always been the guidelines for our production decisions, whether they regard counter items, commercial or private brands (private labels), or wholesale supplies.
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