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Our customers are food intolerants people, from gluten, milk and eggs. We want them to live the emotion of having a break outside their houses, without feeling their intolerance issues as limits. Everybody else also enjoy our Ice Cream, Velato, since you cannot tell the difference between it and normal ice cream.

Our solution is unique because we are the first that comes to the market with this kind of product. Artisanal, homemade ice cream, based of four natural ingredients still good and creamy as the traditional one. We don’t have direct competitors up to now, since our ice cream is without gluten, milk, sucrose and eggs.

Before this pandemic of Covid-19, our business model was the retail one. We now developed it to be from off line to online business.

We are also working to implement or presence online, with an e-commerce website and developing the logistic partnerships to work in the B2C field.

Our majors revenue streams still comes from our retail flagship store. We haven’t found up to know a vector working door to door for frozen goods.

We are on the market with our Ho.Re.Ca. solutions, our Street Food Roulotte and the flagship store based in Rome, we got to breakeven point after two years from the launch of our start up.

Our addressable market is the mass market, with references to the 10% of the world population being milk or lactose and gluten intolerant. The free from food mass market is growing by 18% per year. Growth rate is vertical.

Being an agri food excellence for made in Italy, we are going to promote Italians food culture in the world. We will contribute to the Italian market because we buy our raw ingredients in Italy, we transform it in Italy and then sell it abroad.

We worked with JEME by Bocconi’s University in Milan to draw up both our business model and market analysis.

All the materials we use in our project are compostable and plastic free, from packagings to our design layout of our retail store. We are ethical and we work to create a more green planet, raise awarness and happiness between our customers. We are also working in partnership with “Too Good To Go” to reduce food waste.

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