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Gioda’ di Giovanna Conforti

Sauces and Food preserves
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Giodà is a small agri-food industry, located in Calabria, in the south of Italy, in a little town called S.Stefano di Rogliano. In our small town, we live in symbiosis with nature, leading a simple life, made up of a few things, of genuine and non-industrial food. Here we can do it, but the peolple who lives in the city, has difficulties to find quality food. So our idea: why not offer on the market what we, however, already produce for our consumption? Jams, fruit juices, sauces, etc. For combine “home-made” and total food safety, we have equipped ourselves with a very modern “4.0 multifunction counter”, which, cooking at low temperatures, preserves the organoleptic characteristics of our products, in addition to taste and color. In addition, the innovative pasteurization and sterilization phases that follow the packaging, allow us not to affect all the properties of the finished product.

Giodà is also honey. Our honey is handcrafted with passion and dedication, respecting tradition and nature. Our hives are located in uncontaminated areas and far from polluting sources. The apiaries are treated directly by our family, without using chemicals, medicines or pesticides. Furthermore, by respecting the right processing times, from the natural maturation of the honey in the combs, to the extraction of the honey, to the decanting and finally to the final potting, we guarantee excellent, genuine and quality honey.


  • We support and practice “Ethical Marketing”, choosing to promote the honesty and the responsibility towards consumers.
  • We use highest quality raw materials, from Italian and especially Calabrian suppliers.
  • We respect the seasonality of fruit and vegetables.
  • We do not use colourings and preservatives.
  • We adopt practices and procedures that allow us to respect the nature.

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o, but two products (chestnut honey /orange marmalade) are included in the PAT -Traditional Agrifood Products. They are specific products of a territory and niche officially recognized by Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies.
We use highest quality raw materials, from Italian and especially Calabrian suppliers. We respect the seasonality of fruit and vegetables.We do not use colourings and preservatives.
Italy, France, we are working to export to Japan, USA, Canada
Our products are unique and particular. We are the only producers of cedar pumpink jam in Italy and the honey is produced in the cleanest area of Europe. We target a niche market!
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