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The “Razza Reggiana” history begins some centuries ago. Arrived in the Po Valley between the 1st and 6th century with the Lombards, a Germanic tribe, the milk of the Vacche Rosse was used from the Benedictines monks to produce the first aged cheese wheels.
In the 80’s this breed was near extinction, therefore a group of breeders led by Luciano Catellani started an enhancement project to support a constant growth of the animals number.
Our cattle are exclusively fed with grass, hay and GMO-free cereals: the high-quality milk is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3, which are essential for the organism and bring benefits for our health.
Our farm “La Corte delle Vacche Rosse” has 150 animals, 80 of which are milking, and is surrounded by polyphite lands and fields from where we produce fresh forage and hay, used to feed our cows. As the farm, our shop “I Sapori delle Vacche Rosse” is located in Reggio Emilia, in Northern Italy.
Our milk is used for the production of the Vacche Rosse branded cheese: this trademark, which is registered at European level, enable us to protect our productions. The qualitative and organoleptic features of this cheese are typical of the hard granular cheeses of our territory.
In particular, we stand out thanks to a strict and restrictive procedural guideline.
Our cheese is available in three different maturation:

  • 24 months, with a sweet, delicate and persistent taste;
  • More than 30 months, recommended to bring out the flavours of various dishes;
  • More than 40 months, with a full-bodied and intense taste.

If required, we also provide a cheese with a 12/18 months of maturation, with a milky and soft taste, usually consumed in little pieces during the meal.
Our high-quality milk is also used to produce a selection of fresh dairy products, directly produced in our cheese factory: yogurt, panna cotta, mozzarella, caciotte, cream cheese and stracchino.

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Our cheese of red cows has 1 award as “the best italian cheese aged 24 months” in 2016 In 2017-2018-2019 our cheese took the nominations in the first three place on the podium. In 2021 we are waiting for the final award in October.
Our cheese has these features: 24 months old has a sweet, delicate and persistent taste; More than 30 months has recommended to bring out the flavours of various dishes; More than 40 months has a full-bodied and intense taste.
We sell in Italy, France, Germany, Austria and a little in New York
We sell specially to private customers, we are a small company and we prefer to sell small quantities to more people explaining the quality, the difference and other features about our product. we sell also at Ho.re.ca and other little boutique.
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AdressVia Giambattista Vico 114 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE)

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