Iaquone srl

IAQUONE 1950 flour for Pizza, Bread, Pastry, Fresh Pasta, Batter, Gluten free, Bio.

Wheat selection Milling and Art knowledge antique heritage, R&D of dough Natural Processes to obtain superior taste, lightness, nutritional balance, Quality Consistency. High hydration, long fermentation.

Internal laboratories for raw material and flours analysis.

antique Stone Mills and cylinder mills

Distributors: 90 in Italy, 40 Abroad


Pizza Romana, Verace Napoletana, PINSA

Cooperating with API Associazione Pizzerie Italiane, AVPN Ass Verace Pizza Napoletana

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1. BRC and ISO certified 2. Certified by API Associazione Pizzerie Italiane, AVPN Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana;
1. Professional flours in particular to produce high digestibility pizza with high hydration and long fermentation. Consistency of flour features and right capacity to ferment and be transformed in light and tasty pizza.
1. Italy (90 distributors to pizzerias), Europe (west, east, scandinavia), North America, Japan, Australia, Dubai and Abudhabi, Russia,
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AdressVia Borgo Vicalvi 1, 03030 Vicalvi FR

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