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The Bilzi family has aged Parmigiano Reggiano since the beginning of the last century. It was, in fact, Oreste Bilzi who first dedicated himself to managing his own dairy in a small town in the Lower Parma area in the early 1900s. The years of the Second World War and a series of unfortunate vicissitudes forced the family to sell the dairy but to Oreste’s grandson, who in those years was a child, the passion inherited from his grandfather for the world of cheese remained in his heart. years of school he expressed his interest in agricultural studies. It was with the knowledge acquired at school, with the secrets learned from his grandfather and with a good experience gained in the sector that Oreste decided to found the Zabo form in the 60s.
Since then, many steps have been taken and the company, which still owns the aging of Parmigiano Reggiano as its core business, has added other products of the Emilian tradition in order to offer a complete service. Currently Oreste dispenses valuable advice and suggestions to the children who have chosen to continue the business and who knows who may not be able to transmit thesame passion to his nephew who, for a game of fate, is called Oreste. was born and developed in the heart of Parma, which has always been the cradle of great gastronomic traditions.
The main quality of Zabo Form and Casale di Parma is that of having continued a tradition made of genuineness but also of research and technology: the genuineness is that of its products treated by expert hands and aided by a generous land; research and technology are those of a company that in its very modern departments works with passion and care every product.
Il Casale di Parma can boast two important certifications: Quality management system acquired in 1999 by the DNV body Presence in the list of food companies approved at health level for the supply of the American armed forces acquired in 2000 for the packaging of cheeses hard paste

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Our products have all the necessary certifications for export Il Casale di Parma can boast two important certifications: Management system for the quality acquired in 1999 by DNV Presence in the list of companies food approved at the health level for the supply of the armed forces Americans acquired in 2000 for the packaging of hard cheeses
Our products are genuine, come from an ancient tradition, and are aimed at a market interested in a very high quality level
Il Casale di Parma exports all over the world, mainly to Europe, the United States and Japan
Oreste Bilzi, the founder of the company started workingin a small town in the Bassa Parmense in the early 1900s. The Zaboform company has been operating since 1960
Restaurants, hotels and luxury shops, activities linked to food with a high level of product quality
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