Il Mondo di Laura Srl

“Mondo di Laura” was born from the creative inspiration and passion of Laura Raccah, experienced pastry globetrotter who has been able to combine unique flavours from different lands.

All cookies are handmade, just as it once was. Each creation is composed by first choise ingredients, that are milk free and with no preservatives. We have three different lines of cookies : spices, chocolate and oats. We also have an exclusive line of handmade decorated cookies for the holidays that are made by vegetable and natural colorants. All products can be certified Hallal and Kosher.

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Our company won an award for best artisan of the territory for the province of Rome in 2012. All products are certified milk free and kosher.
Artisan, milk free, vegan and kosher products.
Usa, Japan, Great Britain, Germany.
High end grocery stores, supermarkets, hotels supplying and catering
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AdressVia Tiburtina 263 Roma, Lazio, 00162 Italy

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