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“If you can think it, we can do it. Doing it well”.

Industria Alimentare Ferraro can rely on 70 years of experience in the sector of the first courses Made in Italy.
We were born in 1952 as a small artisan company producing egg pasta and durum wheat pasta.
Since 1970s we have specialized in the production of lasagne and dry egg pasta “matasse”.
Today we have 13 production lines, the ability of 250 employees, 2 plants of 15.000 square meters, 6 quality control specialists and a team of 3 R&D managers


dry filled pasta (2 lines)
dry egg pasta (2 lines)
lasagne drawn and laminated (3 lines)
ambient filled pasta (1 line)
chilled filled pasta (2 lines)|
chille egg pasta (1 line)
ambient/frozen ready meals (2 lines)


-dry egg pasta in “matassa”shape  (classic 20% egg, premium 30% )
-dry filled pasta “tortellini”
-ambient / frozen ready meals

Tomorrow innovation:

-pasta for athlets. Natural super food (turmeric), high content natural proteins (20% high biological value proteins) no cholesterol nor fats (only albumen)
-plant based frozen ready meals (vegetable based only with extruded legumes and semolina lasagna)

Our packaging
-plastic reduction

In 1994 Industria Alimentare ferraro was one of the first companies to obtain the ISO 9002 certification (later ISO 9001:2000) and subsequently was one of the first to obtain the BRC and IFS standards isued by the BUREAU VERITAS certifying body.
Self-controlling H.A.C.C.P. system, RSPO certification.

-Human resources. We invest in people training for research, technical know how, safety, security.
-Technical resources. We invest in new technology, research in materials and new industrial process
-CSS Customer Service Satisfaction. The quality and convenience of our products, along with the punctuality and quality of its supply service, are the key strenghts of the company’s organization

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S PRO 01 Tagliatelle,Tagliatelline, Fettuccine, Pappardelle, Lasagnette, tagliolini all’uovo_R04
S PRO 02 Tagliatelle,Tagliatelline, Fettuccine, Pappardelle, Lasagnette, tagliolini all’uovo e spinaci_R02
S PRO 13 Tagliatelle,Tagliatelline, Fettuccine, Pappardelle, Lasagnette, Tagliolini Paglia e fieno_R02
S PRO 82a pasta ripiena secca con ripieno al formaggio STANDARD PALM FREE_R03
S PRO 98 cannelloni alla ricotta e spinaci in salsa stabilizzati 350g (piatti pronti)_R01
S PRO 255 Taglierini,Taglioline,Fettuccine,Tagliatelle,Pappardelle con solo uova_R02

Laminated egg pasta, produced with cylinder rolling system, the dough is kneaded and cold rolled allowing the product to mantein pecularities of handmande rough pasta. Suitable both to cook in house and food service, easy to size one matassa one portion.
Europe, Usa, South America, Turkey, China, South Korea, Australia
We were born in 1952 (next year will be 70 years)
A-Brands + PL + Food Industry + own brand
Detail info
AdressVia Bonagge 26/a - 36065 - Mussolente

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