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There’s no better way to grasp “La Valle del Pistacchio di Bronte” ‘s personality than to delve into its history. It’s the story of a passionate agronomistfrom Bronte, Nicola Maio, who in the far of 2007 purchaseda 20-hectares parcel of pistachio plants.

The society name is inspired by the uniqueness of lava valley where it grows, between the majesty of the Etna volcano and the Nebrodi mountains.

During 10 years of activities, Nicola set up his pistachio production ripening and trading business first in the local market and then in the national and abroad by expressing the characteristics of a strong growth in terms of production, while maintaining its penchant for daring and good-naturedness.

“La Valle del Pistacchio di Bronte” has two activities: Artisanproductsbusiness (as pastry makers, restaurants and gastronomy shops) and final consumers business.

Our finished and semi-finished product are madeand packaged in an artisan laboratory, with the respect for the most stringent quality parameters.

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Ours is a farm, specifically pistachio producers is registered in the consortium for the protection of Green Pistachio of Bronte Dop and all our products are DOP certified.
The uniqueness of the fruit clearly depends on the particular territorial and climatic conditions in which it is grown: pistachio trees grow in fact on rocky soils covered by volcanic lavas from Etna, at an altitude that varies between 300 and 900 meters, thus being well able to withstand both cold and drought. From this territory derives a product with a unique taste and unmistakable appearance, which thus make it possible to recognize the Bronte pistachio with respect to any fruit produced elsewhere.
our product is mainly found in the Italian market, and to a small extent in the German, English and the Netherlands.
the best commercial destination of our product is ice cream, confectionery and resurrection.
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