L'Alpina Pasticceria di Callieri Emanuela

The L’Alpina was born in September 2005 as a pure artisan pastry BRAND , it belong owners Chef
Pierluigi and Emanuela having more 20 years experience in pastry and commercial activity . Alpina set
own values principles on continuous search for best quality of raw material , taking care at their
freshness , packaging , traceability And sustainability . In 2007 they Had expand their shop adding ice
cream corner own made , with the same attention to details as all alpine Production . In August 2014
Emanuela and Pierluigi, helped by Vittoria, entered in the world of coffee . Right from the start they
decided to keep the same line of thought, therefore they decided to create their roasting corner focusing
on a little known product: the single origin. Single-origin coffees are coffee productions from the same
plantation and of the same variety, which are not mixed with other types of coffee: therefore we speak of
pure coffee. To explain this concept a right example is wine: we are talking not about red or white wine,
but about a red wine made only of Barbera grapes that comes from a specific vineyard of the Langhe … this
is a single origin and single cultivation coffee from L’Alpina. Tasting such a refined coffee, allows you to live
a unique taste experience , as this drink releases in the cup a thousand-faceted BACK taste from citrus to
spicy notes and even more hidden notes for the most refined palates.
In fact each coffee plant can creates different scents in extraction, given by the type of cultivation, location
examples different altitudes and types of soil.
L’Alpina Torrefazione import their product directly from plantation that belong exclusively Italian raw
foodists brands who as always a first product choice. Therefore coffee immediately comes packaged in
vacuum bags, to protect coffer from any contamination or exposition to environment . humidity and
other atmospheric agents. Coffe transport is carried out on specific vehicles checked and cleaned
according to EEC standards.
Coffe tracking process being particularly monitored in every movement from the plantation of origin to
Luserna San Giovanni. The transport is well documented, even photographically, step by step insuring so
best transport , right and crammed and storages condition to not not ruing valuable quality of coffee
along all long journey,
Last step of process to avoid any quality damage on Coffe beans os handle a right roasting ,for that
Pierluigi has created a new roasting process , the P / 66, which can be adjust specifid to each of their
coffees brand . None detail is overlooked so including final package , in fact Emanuela has designed final
package bag in biocomposable material and then wrapped in a natural special Piemonte fabric “ the Juta
delle Risaie Vercellesi “ , to embellish the package but remaining 100% in contact with nature and
environmentally sustainable.
Till today, L’Alpina Torrefazione is the only coffee shop in Italy having 21 single-origin coffees from all over
the world. In own boutique, the experience of a single coffee becomes a fascinating journey in the search
for aromas and flavors.

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Yes, in 2021 our roasting company was awarded the important certifications of Italian Excellence and Artisan Excellence
Certainly our most important feature is that our coffees are not blends but single origin. another element that distinguishes us is the high attention paid to the raw material: in fact, we have the traceability of each of our green coffees from the plantation to our boutique. We are also very attentive to the environmental issue both for the roasting method and for the packaging. The roasting method we used and invented is called p / 66, which does not create harmful emissions for the environment and can be modified according to each individual green coffee. Finally, the packaging proposed by us is a biodegradable standup and subsequently wrapped in a bag of Natural Jute produced in Italy.
Our product is on sale both on the national and international market through our e-commerce (www.lalpinatorrefazione.it) or on the website Sell in to China.
Our company is 15 years old. In 2005 we started out as an artisan pastry shop and then developed the ice cream department in 2007. Finally in August 2014 we created the roasting department.
The best commercial destination for us is anyone who loves real Italian coffee, regardless of the quantity and intended use.Our coffee, not being treated in any way with chemicals, can be used daily in one's home, in a restaurant, in a bar or even in cosmetics. We have no limitations for anyone and no borders: the world is our market.
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