Lucia Maria Melchiori S.r.l.

The company Melchiori was born in 1994, with the passion to use only fresh whole apples  to produce natural, genuine and tasty apple juices, apple vinegars, apple balsamic and apple ciders.
Our company is based in the north of Italy at the foot of the Dolomites, in a valley called the “ Apple Valley”  as it is entirely dedicated to the cultivation of the apples. This gives us the privilege to cooperate with trusted and well selected suppliers.
We offer high quality products without preservatives and additives,
We take care of the production from the selection of the raw material till the bottling, ensuring quality and care to every single detail.
From our experience, alongside our natural juices  we developed the flavor variants of apple/pear, apple/bergamot, apple/ginger, apple/elderberry, apple/blueberry.
Our apple cider vinegars family is available both filtered and unfiltered with true mother rich of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria.
Fresh whole apples, cooked concentrated apple juice slowly tickened are the secrets to obtain our apple balsamic and our high density apple balsamic cream.
In 2020 we launched our new drinking apple cider vinegars. They were developed to take full advantage of some very important vinegars’ good properties:

  • to lose weight ,
  • as a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant,
  • to remove all toxins from the body,
  • to help the calcification process ,
  • as natural remedy for mycosis,
  • to ajust the natural ph of hair and skin.

They meet the needs of people looking for healthy handmade products rich in antioxidant, antinflammatory ingredients and  vitamis,  as they contain also:

  • Blueberry and Elderberry,
  • Beetroot and Pomegranate,
  • Carrot, Ginger, Turmeric
  • Spinach and Spirulina.

We are very proud to be nowadays the most important producer of apple cider in Italy,
The high quality raw materials and the Charmat method make of our apple cider a unique product.
Over the years, to the classic apple cider we added

Apple and Blueberry Cider,

Apple Elderflower and Mint Cider

Apple and Ginger Cider.

From 5% to 12% vol., our apple ciders are perfect as a drink, throughout the meal and with desserts.
Our company has various certifications too:

  • Organic (also for Japan)
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • FDA

Thanks to our new avant-garde factory, our modern production lines and our quaified staff we look at the future with confidence combining every day our artisan knowledge with innovation.

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Our company has various certifications: • BRC-IFS • Organic (also for Japan) • Kosher • Halal • FDA
We are a leading craft company using whole, fresh squeezed apples to produce apple juices, apple cider vinegars and apple balsamic and apple cider. Our products are naturally made from local apples without additives.
Italy, Germany, UK, Finland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Macau, Greece, Colombia, Nederland, Polynesia, Uae, France, Usa.
Hotellerie, Restaurant, Café, Big Organized distribution.
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AdressVIA S. BARBARA 2 - 38012 TRES - PREDANA (TN)

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