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The company was founded in 1978 from an idea by Cesare Magrini, due to his wife who was Genoese and  a  great lover of Italian cuisine he decided to start producing and selling handmade Pesto sauce outside  Genoa and founded the company “Magrini Le Delizie”.
Initially the Company produced only Genoese Pesto but over time has specialized in the production of high quality sauces as Sicilian pesto (red pesto), Genoese walnut sauce, Cheese and Pepper sauce, Scottish salmon sauce, Green sauce, Organic Pesto,  White truffle sauce, Porcini mushroom sauce, Pistachio pesto, Hummus, Saffron sauce,  Boscaiola sauce.
All the products are to be stored at 0-4°C , with a shelf-life of up to 90 days and all Gluten Free.
By accessing the web site, it is possible to consult the catalog and the technical data sheets and to subscribe to the newsletter to be updated with regard to food safety and to company news, such as new products.
The variety of size and the wide selection of reference makes the sauces of Magrini suitable for both gastronomy and free service.
The company is able to offer a personalized service for example if the customer needs a particular product under its own brand or in case of particular needs of recipe or of potential treatments.
The raw materials are carefully selected maintaining over time a strong link with tradition.
Magrini Le Delizie is certified BRC and can boast high production standards.

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After being certified for many years according to the 9001, in 2016 the company has taken a further step towards the objective of food security, achieving International DNV (Det Norske Veritas) BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard). In addition, the company has the following authorizations: - Inclusion of products in the AIC Food (Italian Celiac Association), gluten-free products - Production of organic pesto Genovese (EC Regulation 834/2007) - Use of the label "with Genovese Basil PDO" (protected denomination of origin)
The distinctive feature of our production is avoiding the use of additives or preservatives, as much as possible. The lack or in some cases the minimal use of additives is makes them very tasty, just as the classic homemade products. All products are gluten free and have a long shelf life for being fresh products.
our products can be found in the following countries: Italy Germany Irish UK Spain Grece Belgium France
The variety of size and the wide selection of reference makes the sauces of Magrini suitable for both gastronomy and free service.
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