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The recipes of our blends have been handed down in the Carella family since 1950 and are carefully preserved in the minds and actions of the founders and those who have succeeded them.
In a world that changes and evolves quickly, guaranteeing quality is one of the values on which the Forlì company has built its image and credibility.
The founder, Franco Carella, creator of “Caffè in Frac” wanted to communicate precisely the high quality level that characterized the product of his roasting; this is why the Carella family still operates its business today in the name of those same values.
Moka Rica has opted for the quality of tradition: a choice that traces the strengths of its entrepreneurial history and does not yield to the globalization of flavors, rather defends and enhances the unique choices of craftmanship taken every day for over 70 years.
Before becoming Moka Rica, green coffee goes through several stages.
We import green coffee from the most prestigious crops in the world, always from the same trusted producers, thus ensuring a continuous level of high quality beans. All batches of green coffee to be purchased are undergo pre-selection based on samples of the entire batch; only the best batches are chosen for purchase.
We roast the coffee with a continuous cycle rotating drum machine; this type of roaster allows us to roast beans by various origins, varying the cooking times for each ones (about 15 minutes) to enhance the aromatic notes of Arabica coffees and to obtain the best of Robusta coffees.
Thanks to our expert roasters and state of the art facilities, we are able to perfect the roasting process from start to finish.
The cooling process is carried out exclusively with air to preserve the aromas for as long as possible.
The blending of qualities is the secret and the key to unleashing the final flavor; these recipes are still kept guarded and have been masterly created and revised by Cav. Franco Carella.
There is a wide variety of packaging available to suit any need; from bags and canisters, family size to individual capsules and pods for the office, to 1-3 kg sized packages for bars.
Our Analysis Laboratory guarantees the highest quality of production. The experience and skill of the master roasters are foundations for the balance and consistency of the blends created.

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