The Mr Moris was founded on the principle of providing the best and genuine bottarga and the best of gastronomic specialties directly to you. For us, the “best” simply means fresher, purer, and higher quality. We hope that our selection will change your perception of taste. For that purpose, we encourage everyone to discover the fascinating world of the bottarga. We invite you to dig deeper, because we too, we are always constantly at search of new tastes and flavors.

The Mr Moris was founded by the inspiration and creativity of Moris. Our company was founded by a long and ancient gourmet tradition that characterizes all of our products. Technicians and artisans, knowledgeable and helpful staff, control of raw materials, rigorous monitoring of all stages of production and transportation guarantee the quality and authenticity of the work we do. A control standard that was implemented well before the product traceability became compulsory and a customer care to guarantee the company’s philosophy and an excellent product and great service to you.

Join our fantastic online shopand get catched by the fantastic world of the bottarga . Our staff is always available to assist you . Our shop works with the best circuits of payment and the best courier in order to let you make your purchases in total comfort.

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