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Master Pastry Chef Gianfranco Nicolini begans to learn his craft when he was a boy in the Marche region. He learned the delicate work with commitment and dedication and at the age of twenty he moved to Rome where he trained and perfected himself working in the most important pastry shops in the capital.

The Pastry Chef is in continuous and constant comparison with the masters of Italian and international fine patisserie. And today, with the experience gained in almost forty years, he continues working on his techniques and creating tastes that customers love.

He has dedicated the last years of his work to research and development in the improvement of GREAT LEAVENED PRODUCTS receiving important awards in various competitions dedicated.

Pasticceria Romana  opened in 2013.

The strength of the pastry production is the authenticity of the products offered which comes from the selected raw materials used, and above all from the increasingly perfected processing techniques that the Master Pastry Chef Gianfranco Nicolini uses, his attention to times, temperatures and food science.

The delicacy of the great leavened products also comes from the YEAST STARTER used in all the desserts typical of the holidays: Panettoni and Colombe; which has hints of fruit and delicate aftertaste.

The pastry and coffee shop delight customers every day with a wide assortment of sweet and savory specialties, prepared with the best fresh and carefully selected ingredients. Ideal for a tasty breakfast, a quick snack, an aperitif with friends, to enjoy a delicious home-made ice cream or to order birthday cakes and desserts.


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AdressCorso Matteotti, 263 62017 Porto Recanati (MC) ITALY

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