Olio Ottaviani di Udovich Paola

The Ottaviani oil mill comes from a long oil tradition. The first Ottaviani Vittorio stories come from oral narration (early 1900/1905) which were handed down in the family from father to son up to Vittorio Ottaviani, who in the 1950s constituted a new company and with a revision of the old Molino positioned il Frantoio in its own room located in the historic part of Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia, adjacent to the “Fonte”, now restored. From the old structure in the 60s the oil mill merged with the same reality, and moved to another location, located in Piazza Savoia, remaining for about ten years they moved to the Artisan area. Subsequently the sons of Vittorio Ottaviani took over all the company shares and remained together until the end of 2010 where the family of Alberto (his wife Paola and his children Simone, Matteo and Alessio) acquired the whole company and made an important restructuring starting a internationalization phase where they bring the Ottaviani oil mill to many realities worldwide, bringing their product to China, Northern Europe, and Italy, making “Word of mouth” their communication philosophy. He participated in the Expo 2015 event where he appreciated the quality of his production.

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