Pasticceria Scalenghe snc

Scalenghe and the Nougat

Scalenghe Bakery was born in 1954 in Trofarello. The artisanal production and product quality research through a careful selection of the best raw materials characterize the company from the beginning.

After 60 years, the third generation of confectioners follows the same values to produce the Soft Nougat with HazelnutTonda Gentile Trilobata, with Pistachios of Bronte, with Almonds of Bari, the dark chocolate or gianduja coating. A great attention to the environment has given rise to a line of products whose packaging is made of flower paper, which can be sown, and with boxes that can be composted.

To seal the commitment the Scalenghe Bakery has received the Brand of Artisanal Excellence for the production of nougat and chocolate and the recognition of Master of Taste of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and Slow Food.

 The flavors of traditional: for over three generations we carry on the flavors of tradition and territory always searching for ingredients of the highest level.

 100% natural ingredients: in our desserts you will never find unnatural ingredients or preservatives. We care a lot about the quality of our product and we use only 100% natural ingredients.

 Artisanal production: the processing of our nougat is still what it once was, handed down from father to son, without contamination.

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Catalogo Scalenghe 2019 LOW
scheda prodotto toroncini ric.giand
scheda prodotto toroncini ricoperti
scheda prodotto torroncini friabili
scheda prodotto torroncini mandorla
scheda prodotto torroncini nocciola
scheda prodotto torrone classico morbido
scheda prodotto torrone mand
scheda prodotto torrone pistacchio
scheda prodotto torrone ric giand
scheda prodotto torrone ricop
scheda prodotto torroni friabile

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