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Our success story started with Amilcare who was among those artisans that made Italy dynamic at the beginning of the XX century. He was a young baker from Piemonte who was brave enough to dedicate one of his cakes to the Queen Elena, getting a covered in enamel gold brooch in return.

In 1902, Amilcare moved to Rome and got the ball    rolling in via Palermo.

In his little bakery, he used to write recipes and test new delicacies, passing the passion down to his children.

Inspired by America, he started a new kind of business: the Bar, supplying it with his own croissants, plum cakes, always better and always different.
1955 is a turning point in Amilcare’s life: the little bakery shop turns into a more modern and bigger company, expanding internationally, without giving up on quality in no way.

Nowadays, after more than 110 years since Amilcare’s first steps, it’s the fourth generation that keeps the family business going, sticking to tradition and making a big range of products as Bruschetta, Croccantosa® and Nuvolette well known and appreciated abroad.

Perino & Perino specialize in 100% first quality Italian products, able to satisfy the most demanding customers, targeted at finding the right balance between health and taste and for this reason all our products are available in conventional and organic


Perino & Perino’s market shares are growing steadily in Italy, Europe and North America thanks to the accuracy with which every single phase of the production is taken care of.

…and still looking ahead with our new project   Bioeccellenze!



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