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The society Pizza Croccantina srl was born, by initiative of some  members of Pieri family, in order to continue the productive experience in sector of  bread production, activity that has been preserved for four generations.
They have decided to implement an operational renewal with this society, in order to lead the company into a perspective of “commercial” development of its brand in the National and International marketplace.
The product is already commercialised in Italian and European marketplace in BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, FRANCE and GERMANY. The aim is to conquer International marketplaces.
Brief history The  processing of bread products, white art, flours and grains, are passions that Pieri family has had for generations, through simple and authentic rituals: how to take bread and pizza out of the oven every morning,  listen to  customer’s stories and requests, gift costumers with a genuine smile and a genuine “good morning”, preserving the tradition.
The TRADITION is the main element in which it has been implement the process of manufacturing and production in an advanced way, also with highly evolved technologies and always maintaining  unique , original and current products. The use of chief materials is selected constantly with best attention, they come from expert and certified suppliers  that guarantee  their high qualities and business success.
The year 1990 marked a turning point of family through the creation of a product “unique to the world” with highly qualified employees, which has been named as PIZZA CROCCANTINA, a well preserved pizza that is fragrant, tasty and light for the palate, it has got only natural elements and hasn’t got preservatives.
About twenty years ago it was realised also a productive line of PIZZA CROCCANTINA, with ingredients that come from AGRICOLTURA BIOLOGICA – NO OGM (BIOLOGIC AGRICULTURE- NO OGM).
The product PIZZA CROCCANTINA, is considered an italian excellence, has been recognised from Register of Italian Excellence since 2016 with certificate number 4669.

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AWARDS: - AWARD Anuga - AWARD Italian food Dubai Authentications: - BIO - Authentications of high quality - FDA
The most important features of our products are raw materials of high quality
Our products are situated in Europe ( including Italy) and United Arab Emirates , it is for now our only one client
Our company has worked in agricultural sector since 1991
The best commercial destination of our products is Grande Distribuzione , Canale Horeca
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AdressVIA SARACENA 77 - 00126 Roma , RM - ITALY

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