Carnaroli rice is produced by the F.lli Negri Fabio & Simone, a company based in the middle of the Pianura Padana, in the farmhouse Cascina Grande in Cura Carpignano. It’s here, thanks to Simone – Rustigusto holder’s husband – that Rustigusto’s carnaroli was born and later the company.

This rice, like every other Rustigusto’s product, is the result of a costant innovation and the development of equipments which always respects the sorrounding enviroment and doesn’t damage nature. We firmly believe in the genuine taste of our food, a little bit rustic but elegant and valuable at the same time. We care about spreading the enjoyable and plesant tradition of our top quality products .

Our farmhouse is handed down from generation to generation and is located in the municipality of Cura Carpignano – at the entrance to Pavia, a bigger city –  in the middle of the Pianura Padana. The extention of the company is wide, our fields extend up to the entrance of Milan where our rice mainly comes from. Specifically in this zone we produce our rice such as Carnaroli, Baldo and Arborio, and also in small quantities here we produce corn and soy.

In our company you can find wooded areas inside of the Ticino park, enriched by different tipes of trees and bushes which are important to keep balance between plants and animal life.

During EXPO Milan 2015 our company was one of the official suppliers of Parboiled rice, this rice was cooked by one of the chefs of the manifestation. It is also a special type of rice that we provived to the oncology hospital Ospedale Maggiore in Milan because, after accurate analysis, we founded that is the best type of rice to give to the patients for its nutritionals parametes.

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Our Carnaroli rice product, rice from the Po Valley, is one of the highst Carnaroli quality, grown after selecting the best certified seed of Carnaroli. Since 2019 we are part of the Register of Italian Excellences.
The most important feature of the product is that Carnaroli is a very fine Italian rice, characterized by a long grain, firm consistency and excellent cooking tightness, qualities that have earned the nickname of "King of rice"
Our rice is in the Italian market.
Rustigusto company has been operating in the agri-food sector since 2017.
Rice is a complete, good and healthy food, so it can be distributed all over the world.
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