Santa Rita Bio 1964 in Pompeano, Serramazzoni (Modena) coordinates all the companies that make up the Parmigiano Reggiano production chain: the 6 farms where forages are grown and cattle are raised, the Dairy where the forms of Parmigiano Reggiano are produced Organic, the final stage of packaging and marketing of products. Every day 13 forms of Organic Parmigiano Reggiano and 1 of Organic Parmigiano Reggiano are produced with only milk from Modenese White Cow (Slow Food Presidium). The regular commitment of agronomists and veterinarians of the companies, the constant control carried out on all stages of the production process, the work carried out by the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium and by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification (ICEA), give the consumer the maximum guarantees on the quality and typicality of our Parmigiano Reggiano.

Organic Farms – SANTA RITA BIO
The Santa Rita Bio 1964 farms, all family-run, are located near the villages of Pompeano and Selva di Serramazzoni, on the first hills of the Modenese Apennines. An uncontaminated place, between 600 and 800 meters above sea level, where respect for nature has always guided the work of man in agriculture with the awareness that the protection of the territory is a guarantee for the wholesomeness of the productions and a wealth for the future. The love for the place where they live and work has pushed all the member farmers to apply organic farming methods since 1988 (it took 6 years to obtain organic certification), following all stages of production with extreme attention. . In “organic” agriculture means: no use of GM seeds, no use of pesticides, no use of chemical fertilizers; but they are used: organic seeds, organic manure, phytotherapy and integrated pest management. All this translates into a milk of particular value, characterized by high quality characteristics and unique aromas that give the Parmigiano Reggiano produced with mountain milk from organic farming of Santa Rita Bio 1964 its unparalleled taste.

The Santa Rita Bio 1964 also pays particular attention to the animal and its well-being, prohibits feeding with silage, GMO feed and the use of drugs. Our “happy cows” have free walking in the stable, herbal and homeopathic treatments and a totally organic healthy diet. Respect for the animal, even in the reduction of milked milk (about half compared to a conventional cow), not only translates into a longer and healthier life, but also in an excellent quality of the milk and therefore of the Parmigiano Reggiano produced .

The Bio Dairy – SANTA RITA BIO
With over 50 years of experience in the production of Parmigiano Reggiano, Santa Rita Bio 1964 began producing precisely in 1964. The commitment and constant research have helped to affirm the company at the most qualitative levels, while maintaining its artisan soul. We produce 14 wheels a day, 4 of which also have NOP certification (the organic designation for the US market).

2017: 1st Prize “International Organic Cheese Award”, Biocaseus, Nuremberg (Germany).

2016: 1st Prize “National Raw in Italy Competition”, Siena.

2016: 1st Prize “Alma Caseus National Competition”, Cibus Fair, Parma.

2014: 2nd Prize “Alma Caseus National Competition”, Cibus, Parma.

2012: 2nd Prize “Alma Caseus National Competition”, Cibus, Parma.

2012: 1st Prize “International Organic Cheese Award”, Biocaseus, Nuremberg (Germany).

2010: Gold Medal in the DLG Competition – Germany.

2009: 3rd place in the “Mountain Cheese Olympics”, Saignelégier (Switzerland).

2007: Gold and Silver Medal, D.L.G. Competition, Germany.

2007: Silver and Bronze Medal “Mountain Cheese Olympics”, Obersdorf (Germany).

2005: 2nd Prize “Competition for the best Organic Cheeses”, Bubbio (AT).

2004: Gold Medal “Mountain Cheese Olympics”, Appenzell (Switzerland).

2003: Bronze Medal “Mountain Cheese Olympics”, Les Russes Jura (France).

1999: 1st Prize “International Organic Cheese Award“, Macomer (NU).

1999: ERA Award (Special Mention).


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