Sicilia Bedda S.S.

Company: Sicilia Bedda,
Surface: over 300 hectares
Product: yellow melon, green melon also called “Purceddu”, watermelon, newvariety with yellow peel and orange pulp.
Locality: Roccamena, in the Province of Palermo.
Place: Belice valley, favorable microclimate to melon cultivation, thanks to mild temperatures and fertile soils.

The company’s cultivation choices are aimed at increasing the qualitative characteristics of the product. To this end Sicilia Bedda minimizes the use of chemistry and pays more attention to natural techniques.

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02. Sicilia Bedda Brochure ENG

1. Yes, our product is GLOBAL GAP and GRASP certified.
2. The most important features of our product are: High sugar content, high durability, resistance to transport and reduced placental size cavities.
3. Our products can be found in large-scale retail trade. We supply all markets in Italy and supermarkets like Coop, Fratelli Orsero, Ortofin, Carrefour in Poland and other.
4. Our company has been working in the agri-food sector since 2011.
5. The best commercial destination for our product is the large-scale retail trade and Markets.
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AdressVia Siracusa 8 - 90040 Roccamena

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