Soc. Coop. Casearia Silana

Vallefiore dairy products originate from a deep bond with the territory, the Sila plateau, whose history
is linked, as well as to Magna Graecia, to the life and works of Abbot Gioacchino da Fiore.
In a deep interweaving of culture, history and tradition, Vallefiore products preserve the goodness of
old cheeses, guaranteeing superior quality; the milk, collected every morning from the cattle farms of
the members, is transformed according to the ancient dairy tradition of the mountain Sila.
Each product, in particular the Caciocavallo silano DOP cheese, the company’sflagship cheese, is made
with care, experience and passion, fresh and genuine fresh milk from Sila.
Vallefiore products are born in 2001, when some professionals, already owners of cows, mainly of
Italian Brown breed, in the heart of Sila, decide to combine their strengths and skills to enhance their
production. Thus the Vallefiore dairy company rises on the Sila plateau, with the aim of exporting in
Italy and abroad, the taste , the goodness and wholesomeness of the cheeses, produced in full respect
of the local tradition.
The dairy production site is extended on 1500 square meters, in a refined rustic style, with adjoining
spaces for tastings and an internal sales point. The bovine milk used for the production comes from
the cattle stables located in Sila and managed by the corporate shareholders. The high quality of milk,
modern plants and equipment, combined with the ancient art of Silan cheese, make the maximum
healthiness of the products and full compliance with current regulations; careful control and nonindustrial processing ensure the craftsmanship of local cheeses.

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