Suqqo S.r.l. is a young company in Turin, born from the skills and passions of Edoardo Varetto, who after years of experience in the sector and a diploma in Mixology obtained in London, decides to start his own business and start a business for the production, processing and marketing of high quality juices.
Suqqo carries out all its activities in compliance with the values identified in the following keywords: environment, well-being, culture, ethics, innovation, quality, research, health, sustainability, waste.
Suqqo products are the result of the search for the best possible combination of raw materials to meet the nutritional needs that fruits and vegetables, the only ingredients present, can give to the body of those who consume it.
Suqqo S.r.l. wants to be, for the Food & Beverage market, the first proposal of juices with high nutritional value, designed to optimize the properties of its ingredients also according to the different moments of the day.
In addition to a range of mixes in 4 flavors in 300 ml bottles, Suqqo has also created a range of 12 single-taste in 200 ml bottles known under the KUNA brand. Finally, it offers a further range of 19 other single-taste extracts in 500 ml / 1000 ml bottles, dedicated to operators (bars, catering, hotels, etc.)
The recipes that give life to SUQQO products are born from passion, creativity, study and research. The choice of ingredients and the use of spices are the result of constant advice from doctors and nutritionists to ensure the exaltation of the product starting from its own simplicity.
The squeezing of raw materials takes place cold and all juices are treated with High Pressure Processing (HPP).
The HPP is a process performed on already sealed bottles, which allows you to extend the shelf-life of the product up to 60 days. It is essential to avoid pasteurization that would damage the characteristics of the ingredients. In this way it is possible to keep the organoleptic properties of the treated fruits and vegetables unchanged.
SUQQO is the fresh fruit extract that allows to meet the growing demands for natural, healthy and tasteful drinks, with a saving of time on the part of the bartender and the customer in a historical period in which the short time available, too often goes to the detriment of daily food choices.
Our proposal responds promptly to today’s environmental trend. More and more consumers want to move closer to products that meet the need for greater consumption of fruit and vegetables.
The brands of Suqqo S.r.l are already distributed through important channels both as regards “large quality distribution” and in the HO. RE.CA. field where the products have been very successful.
We are young, dynamic, have passion and we believe in the excellence of the food and beverage “made in Italy” that we want to export all over the world through real taste experiences with 100% natural products, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and kosher with no added sugar, water and preservatives.

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