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Is the new healthy snack produced by the Paganin’s Bon Tajer farmhouse, located in the district of Belluno, in the eastern Alps of Italy.
Our family runs a restaurant where we offer typical dishes of the area using products grown and created by us, and with these plates we want to bring back the typical traditional flavours of the area that’s why we came up with this different and creative kind of snack.
We want to recreate the tradition of croste di polenta:in the past the grandmothers used to keep the rind of polenta attached on the bottom of the pot, and eat it with cheese, that’s mean that nothing should be thrown away.
The polenta that we use is made with “mais sponcio” flour,a product protected by the DECO denomination (denomination of municipal origin).
Its production is typical of “Val Belluna” area, in precisely on the heights of “Pedemontana” between the towns of, Feltre, Cesiomaggiore, Sospirolo.
The name spocio is a dialectal term that comes from its pointed shape, that is,that stings.
The origin of this corn grain comes from the Teosinte plant, still present in savagery in Mexico.
This was fundamental in the great American civilization including the Maya,imported at first in Spain and the all over Europe,from the first decades of the sixteenth century, at the end of that century,the cultivation spreaded in Italy,precisely in the region of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, becoming, the basic food of the poor cuisine of the northern areas of Italy, which is used to prepare polenta, that matches many traditional plates
We make this snack just with three ingredients, the Dolomites water,salt and corn whole Sponcio flour, with no oil because they are not fried but just cooked in the oven using the oils already present in the corn to maintain the original flavour, we don’t add additives, because their conservation occurs naturally thanks to the drying process, which by eliminating water, so they do not deteriorate;and made with no GMO, because we use the whole sponcio flour,that grows in a clean and healthy environment.
We grow our corn in a pure and unspoilt environment at the feet of the UNESCO Dolomites to create a high-quality product recalling the ancient flavour of the mountain’s tradition.
Dolomais are good tasted alone, but they are also the ideal base for delicious and creative recipes.
The deep link with the tradition of the Alpine territory led them to marry with the cheese: another typical mountain product.
Born from carefully attention selection of the best local cheese,for example, PIAVE PDO cheese, one of the most awarded cheeses in the world,have a decisive flavour that can satisfy every palate; or the LENTIAI STRAVECCHIO cheese, that’s a pearl from a small Bellunese dairy with a leaning to the traditional techniques and tastes, this snack with this cheese have an intense flavour and slightly spicy aftertaste.
DOLOMAIS with Dolomites cheese are a combination of flavours that makes them even taster, but at the same time, healthy and genuine as only mountains products can be; they contain 12% to 15% of real cheese without any chemical flavouring. They are ideal for aperitif,a snack or to accompany appetizers.
We are already working on a new project, a new line of Dolomais with a twist of new flavours.

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